Monday, 26 October 2015

Pasta and Anna Maria Horner quilts, what a month!

Firstly let me just say if you are on any sort of "watching what you eat" plan don't click the link! There is pasta and double cream and roast garlic goodness that will pull you in and push you off the wagon, well I kind of jumped off but you get what I mean. 
I found this recipe on Pinterest, as you do, and thought it sounded delicious; Him in Doors agreed so it was game on! 

What it lacks in colour it more than made up for in comforting, tasty happiness. 

From rich food to rich colour palettes (ha! see what I did there?) 

It is no secret on this blog that I'm a massive fan of Anna Maria Horner (AMH for brevity from here on in!) I made a Humongus herring bone quilt and 2 triangle quilts and even some snuggly soft flannel quilts but that just wasn't enough for me! So eyeing my stash I thought wistfully of a king sized quilt with blocks that showed up her gorgeous prints to their best and frankly pouted a little because I detest basting and binding king size quilts...but then I gave in :D 
I love quilt books that "quit to the fabric". I make things because I love the colours and prints, so books and patterns that allow me to do just that are highly valued around here. The gentle art of quilting is one I love, as is Quilt love  (neither of those links are affiliate links; I'm too lazy to sign up for it) 
This time I went for Quilt Love 

The pattern is called Special Birthday Quilt, but thats not going to stop my Virgo self making it in October. 

as an aside I was greeted by this sight when I walked into my loft to get started

My design wall had given up at the thoughts of another rainbow heart quilt, poor thing. 
After sorting that mess out I created another, pulling all of my AMH fabrics into one location. I reordered my stash by colour about a year ago and hate it. My brain does not work in rainbow order, nor apparently does my design board, so, urm, yeah, not too sure what to do about that.

This quilt is Sooooo Fast to sew up, I had block one cut and sewn in a jiffy 

And this is the top sewn up and thrown over my bed to check for size, having just sewn a large quilt top in a few days I wasn't about to pause to clear up before taking a photo obviously. Sorry about that! 

I'm blogging this and having a giggle to myself as I really do hate binding big quilts, under the AMH quilt top is a Melody Miller bed size quilt we have had on the bed for ages that still needs bound! 
No telling when this one will be finished as I'm out of 505 spray and I've got no pin basting will power. 

Friday, 23 October 2015

Pixelated Heart quilt

I received an order through my Etsy shop for a custom rainbow pixelated heart quilt. It is going to be given as a wedding gift :) I love knowing what happens to the quilts I make when they go out the door! 

So out came the Sizzix, and what felt like a million charms were cut. 213 to be truthful as I cut another set of two, no way I'd have done that with a rotary cutter and ruler! Him in doors was put on refolding duty as I make such a mess.

As you can see I don't press my fabrics prior to cutting them, 'nuff said about that. 

Popped them up on my design board and played with a colour layout I loved and then added in low volume squares for the background. 

I love sewing the columns together, you can really see the pattern emerging.

Basted with 505 spray because life's too short for pin basting right now.

As it was a custom order I had been asked to add some details, not all are shown in the photos, a little embroidery, some quilting-it was fun.

Then finally the binding, after an interesting chat on IG I think I'll take more photos next time I bind a quilt and explain my slightly cheating method.

And finally a finished quilt.

with a sneaky look at the Nani Iro sofa quilt I've been making myself too :D 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Etno Baby Quilt

This sweet baby quilt was originally whipped up to be a class sample for a beginners quilt making class that I was teaching at Sewing Machine Sales in Whitley bay The classes have gently wound down for the summer and will start up again in the Autumn, so this little quilt has made its way home. 

The fabrics are mostly Ento by Pat Bravo with a few complimentary prints thrown in and straight line quilting; simple and effective at letting the fabrics shine. 

It's a great class to teach as we cover all of the basics and students leave with a finished lap/baby quilt. If your local or just fancy popping up to the North East coast and would like to take a class feel free to send me an email for more information.

This quilt is now listed in my Etsy shop and I'm already planning a more Autumnal colour theme for the next class sample! 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Another Low Volume Lovely

I finished this quilt, frankly, yonks ago. December if memory serves, hence the muted winter colours in both the quilt and the photos.

That serpentine quilting stitch adds such a great texture to quilts.

I only have one progress photo of this quilt, I think I took it to check the block layout looked right at a distance; does anyone else do that? I find I can *see* better sometimes in a photo when blocks are too close to similar colours or if a stand out tone has slipped in there by mistake. 

Heres to sharing awful indoor lighting photos! 

I've added this to my Etsy shop it is listed here if you would like any more info about it or if you would like it to come and live at your house.

I have also finished my Florette quilt and a good few others but need to get some photos taken in good light.
I'm trying to catch up adding my finished quilts to the blog this week so sorry for the deluge of posts to come (given my record of blogging this year that made even me laugh!)