Wednesday, 20 August 2014

* Wordless-ish Wednesday * A catch up from the last couple of weeks.

45p bargain bucket flowers, made me rather happy every time I walked passed them.

Organised chaos, so many single girl arcs!

2 finished of the finished blocks

My "helper" sitting on the quilt as it comes out from under the sewing machine.

A cat tail, a crochet wip & a finished feather quilt. At 90" long we are still working out how to photograph the quilt properly!

A happy hexagon patchwork quilt all done and dusted :) 

Fabric pull for a story quilt. 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Bitten by the Single girl bug, better late than never?

I promise my cat lady tendencies have not driven my lovely man away and I am in fact referring to the outstanding Single Girl Quilt pattern by Denyse Schmidt I will admit that once I realised it was a pdf download I was a goner! 

However I do now feel the need to share photos of Issabella looking smug on my crochet project basket to lull my mad cat lady tendencies back to sleep! 

The first try making this block has forever been removed from existence and shall never be mentioned again.

This is the second run and is going to be a pillow/cushion front for my partner in The Great Pillow Fight Swap if she is happy with it once it's finished (I've started super early to make sure I have time to make another if she doesn't love it - we don't post until September!) 

To be fair that is where the madness started.

Lets just say "portions" of my week have looked very similar to this photo

Sitting in bed, with Issabella, listening to the Eragon audio books being surrounded by a meeeeeelion templates and fabric scraps! 
 They do eventually end up in some semblance of order and when they do they look like this -

My plan of attack has been cut a few of each template at a time then I can move them about/swap them out as I want to.
Given that I want to make this quilt for our bed I'm heading down the quilt as you go rabbit hole again and just to make things extra challenging for myself (cause Im nice like that!) I'm planning on hand quilting the lot of them...So yeah bed sized quilt...we'll see how that goes! 

So there is now a Single girl quilt in the works and a Herringbone quilt, that has stalled due to wadding issues, that shall hopefully be gracing my bed in the near-ish future! 

Issabella, Madam and I shall be having a girlie crafty sewing weekend as Him in doors is off to run this insanity for *Fun* 
"Who the on earth does that for fun!?!" you may well ask
My man does :D 

Hope you have a great weekend planned! 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

A quick pop in to say hi!

Well after some mornings doing this crochet malarkey 

On this beautiful quilt (which I will show more pics of soon!) 

 I finished this vintage style turning twenty quilt 

And started another hexie quilt 

Then the sun came out and all crafting stopped :) 

Normal blogging will resume once the sunshine stops shining, we have to make the most of our 3 day summer here in Northern England :) 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sunday Sewing #5

When I started this run of Sunday Sewing posts I had intended to slot weekday posts in too but things just don't seem to work out how we plan do they! 

My week to date has been sponsored by Kleenex and Lemsip.
 I was on a roll till Monday tea time and then things started going downhill quickly so I've managed to make it through to Saturday lunch time without even turning on my sewing machine! 
However Monday had been quite productive and I had made a significant dent in my Sew Sew Modern 5 partners gift. I still have the lining to add over the coming week. 

By the time today rolled around I figured I had better work on something non too challenging while I got back up to speed. My Sunday Morning quilts bee blocks have been coming in at a nice pace so I thought I get cracking with them. I'm sewing the blocks into groups of 4 then quilting them to join up later on in a quilt as you go style. 

I've only just realised how much the light changes in the loft looking at these 2 photos! There was about 90mins between them and the colours look totally different, I think in "real life" they look more like the bottom one.

I'm just following the pattern of the block with the quilting but find on this smaller scale its much easier then if I had a queen sized quilt to pull through the machine! 

I've got some big catching up plans for the week ahead, so hopefully there will be a finish to show and tell soon :D