Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing day, the calm after the storm!

I hope you had a great Christmas day! We had a very quiet one just me, Him in doors, Madam and Issabella for the full day! It was bliss :D I even napped on the sofa, I woke up to see a millennium falcon had been made on my coffee table (Him in doors not Madam!) out of the Lego kit that was at the top of his wish list and should have taken a few days to make not a nap. Needless to say our Christmas lunch was at 4 not 12 :D 

He is very proud of it, so proud infact that when I pointed out I didn't have a photo to show the world of his creation he buggered off downstairs and took one himself! 

In other news, what would my blog be at Christmas time if I didn't show another pic of 'Bella in the Christmas tree?

She climbed the little tree more times than was good for her this year and a water bottle has been introduced to the game, so she regularly gets soaked now.

I'm always left in a bit of a rubbish mood on boxing day, my sugar high has finally ended and I'm left with little to plan for over the next few weeks. So to combat the grinch feeling I'm on the hunt for a good QAL or mini swap that I can get my teeth into in January, any ideas or recommendations? 

One thing I am doing today is putting my Etsy shop into sale :D
So to procrastinate further and avoid doing any actual work for just a little while longer I made a pretty picture!

No codes to put in on the shopping cart as everything is discounted down already, I like it when shopping is easy to do! 
So pop over to the shop and have a look around.

Hope you have a relaxed Boxing day with friends and family and plenty of time for sewing and making! 

Monday, 24 December 2012

Kitty Christmas wishes!

This furry little wrapping helper wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas filled with laughs, good food and great company! 
We are looking forward to sharing another year with you all in this little corner of the internet :D