Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Another finish...or two!

I finally got the binding on this quilt as you go quilt and then got it dry :) 

It's like a fruit salad of rainbow bright colours!

An I used the same backing as on the circles and squares quilt. Sorry Cindy I'm not sure what its called, I came across it at Absolutely fabrics and thought it looked very Orla Kiely so picked some up.

 I then decided to make a little set.
This Heather Ross fabric has been looking at me for ages waiting it's turn and yesterday I figured "why not!" So ran off a quilt and cushion set. Really simple and very girly! Madam keeps looking at it wistfully, being the big old 10 years old means your too old for mermaids and hearts apparently, or at least too old and not old enough to admit you do still really like them :)

I remembered online sewing's tutorial for a serpentine stitch and went to town with it, I kind of figured it looked all watery and right with the mermaids and fish.

Could this backing be any more girlie?!?  

So this set and the quilt have been listed in the shop for sale.

I'm now working on a Cath Kidston inspired quilt for a friend and hopefully should have some photos to show by the weekend :) 

Hope your having a great week!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

If your sewing machine starts making funny noises

Check it for lint bunnies! 

Yup I've also oiled the beast, changed it's needle and said sorry to it! 

Circles and stripes quilt

As promised a fluffed up finished quilt 

I can't get over how much texture this type of quilting produces on a quilt! I think I love it just a little bit :) 

I thought it deserved a trip into the yard for some photos to show off it's crinkly, colourful, goodness 

This little one will be listed in my shop later on this afternoon along with my other "quilt as you go" quilt that will be blogged with half decent photos as soon as its dry :D 

Monday, 29 October 2012

When inspiration hits me around the head!

So I was happily avoiding doing housework  looking at pretty thing on Etsy yesterday lunch time and I came across Red tile studio 
As quilters how can we not be stupidly inspired by those colours and shapes?!?

So right from the get go I knew what I had to do, it involved solids, straight lines and geometric shapes and I had to do it right then and there! 

So I did :)

Sorry for the iffy photos, I threw the quilt on the sofa on the way to the washer to take these and it's about 9pm at night so the light is rubbish, but you get the idea and I promise better pics will be taken soon!

This little circles and stripes quilt is taking a spin in the washing machine as I type, so it's all lovely and soft when it goes into the shop.

In other news the open fire is taking it's sweet time getting sorted out. After re-pointing the chimney and putting a pot and cage back on Wednesday we need to get a "Throat plate" for it before we can actually light a fire in it. The only issue with this is we have no idea of the model number or name of our fire place and we have to get one to fit! 

Hopefully I should be back with another finish tomorrow (& a fluffed up circles and stripes quilt) once I get the binding finished on another quilt...

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Over the last month

 I've done a lot of house work and had a little help

Him in doors and I took a trip to Manchester to BlytheCon UK 2012 which was lots of fun! I managed to get a load of photo's taken while we were away :) 

I picked up the crochet blanket I started a while back in the hopes of being a little more social with my family on an evening!

And it's slowly growing

I discovered instagram (I know it takes me a while to catch on to these things) I'm Issabella_the_cat over there if you fancy having a look at my very blurry day by day photographic updates.

Today I got around to starting a quilt as you go quilt that will be heading to the shop once it stops growing :D

And on Monday a man is coming to sweep the chimney so we can all get toasty warm in the sitting room on an evening with an open fire...thats a real fire...with flames...I have to treble check I've turned off the iron when I'm finished sewing! Any hints or tips to having a real fire in the house?