Sunday, 14 July 2013

Modernista Homemade Round 4

I'm not in any bee's at the moment as the monthly international postage kills me, but when swaps pop up I miss the "being part of things" aspect and tell myself it's only a one off and join in...I've joined in three this summer using that logic! 

This is the start of my Modernista Homemade swap package for my top secret partner.

Isn't it funny that we enjoy cutting fabric up to stitch it together again!

I enjoy this bit a lot, patterns with blocks, layout and colour distribution 

This is what is made so far, with the temps in the glorious near 30's the attic is just a little too toasty to get into to sew through the day. I'm thinking late evening sewing through the week to get this all done and dusted ready to head out into the world next week. 

Given the beautiful weather we've had and my inability to get up to the attic it really would have been quite rude not to head to the beach, so that's what we did both yesterday afternoon and today once I'd finished work 

Madam with her hat and football at the beach :) 

Hope the weather is treating you kindly!