Monday, 22 August 2011

MMM swap and More :)

This fabulous kit and caboodle was sent to me by my amazing Make Mine Modern partner Candi of Raccoon Creek Quilts I have to admit to wanting Carly to come and live with me as soon as I came across her photo in the Flickr pool - And guess what...SHE DID :) she brought some friends with her, the Far Far away 3 gang came along to keep her company as did some amazing grumpy owls! I feel utterly spoilt rotten :) Thank you bucket loads Candi!
As a side note Carly is now living on the wall above my sewing machine, I will post pics once I have cleaned up the sewing room :)

I have been making things this week not just receiving great prezzies 
So far we have 3 new cushion covers (envelope backs as the fear of zippers is still prevalent here)

This is my first attempt at paper piecing and if any of you have any thoughts on fabric conservation please do let me know. I swear our great grandmothers whilst making do and mending did not quilt like this, I have a pile of scraps like no ones business after just one block!

Next on the list is this Quilt as you go cushion made with some Joel Dewberry prints, I enjoyed this and it was really quick to put together.

Last cushion of the day is a bento block cushion (by this point I thought well why not!)

Super densely quilted, two bobbins worth of thread went into this bad boy!

Next up is some fun Decoupage, this lot took an evening and was great fun to put together.

I'm loving the photo frame sooo much :)

Lastly is my lazy girl quilt so named as I didn't do a pick of piecing in it, I found the fabric at Ikea and loved it to bits. I couldn't face cutting it up and felt it was too pretty to be a backing so hey presto instant quilt top, cheeky I know but I love it.

Straight line quilted and the binding is a Kona colour but if I'm honest I don't know which one (I know not very helpful Sorry!) 

Hope you guys enjoyed having a look at this weeks blog offerings and manage to fit some sewing time in this week :)

Monday, 15 August 2011

3 Quilts in 2 weeks

Don't they look nice all stacked like that?

I think thats the issue, they all look nice.
Nice is a bit of a wishy washy word to me but it sums up well how I feel about these 3. However after all you ladies kindly came over and followed me I thought I'd better share what I've been doing :)
I kind of made a promise to myself to use some of my stash before my next fabric order (As soon as I did that Hawthorn Threads emailed to let me know some lines I wanted were back in stock!)
So here we go-
 First off is this little rainbow quilt, I've had a Kona jelly roll knocking around my sewing room for a while now so figured it was high time to get sewing with it.

I do think the grey looks like a road and the green to blue remind me of grass and sky. Just a normal strip quilt nothing fancy here.

Next up is one that is growing on me but I think that may be because it's soooo soft, being mainly made with Nature Walk Organic cotton. I had to throw in some Ghastly trees print as I was running rather short!

Unfortunately when I look at this I feel my quilting/crafting skills have aged roughly 50 years, the finished quilt just isn't very me, I really want to love it - I just don't :(
I did have fun quilting it though diagonal lines through all of the squares, super fast to do and adds some much needed movement to the quilt top.

Lastly is another Bento quilt. I thought I'd funk things up with the border but dare I say it, it was a big fat fail. All isn't lost as my guy really likes it, if he didn't I think I would be attacking it with a seam ripper to get the border off as I rather like the bento's just not with that frame. Never mind, we live and learn!

Yes all of these photo's were taken on my bed, the sitting room is currently covered in dolls be they Barbie or Cindy. We had a fashion show and the after party is still going even though madam has been tucked up in bed for hours, Oh they joys of the summer holidays!

I did make something I like today but sods law it's not for me!
Becky asked our Sew Modern Bee to make up a hybrid block and they are just fabulous, visually effective, quick to sew up and beautiful colours - what more could a girly want in a block?
These are my 2 and I hope she likes them as much as I enjoyed making them :)
These little guys will be posted out across the pond this week.

Hope you all have a great week

P.S. If any one can let me know what on earth I am doing wrong with these links please leave a comment, sometimes the text doesn't change colour unless you hover your curser over it so no one knows they are hidden in there :( I don't think I've played with the settings but a few posts ago they all changed back to the normal font colour which sucks as you can't see them.

P.P.S I will post a cheerier post soon :)

Edited to add
After some playing with settings I now have multicoloured links :D

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Due to popular demand :)

Ok so I forgot to post a pic of the full quilt - Yes I'm a doofus now and again! So as I was asked here it is - 

I was also asked quite sweetly if I could share some pics of Issabella...let me think...Heck yes of cause I can :)

Little 'bella I think she was about 6 month old here

Teddy cat sound asleep on her back with floppy paws, her mask isn't very dark here so I think she's about a year old.

And finally a shot of the sleepy baby blues she's about 2 here.

Sorry if cats aren't your thing, we'll be back to crafty stuff on my next post :)
Have a great week!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Hi gang
I just have to say Wowsa! To the gang thats popped over from Lily's quilts *Waves hello* hope you ladies hang around and thanks for all the sweet comments both here and on Flickr. Issabella is preening with all of the interest in her, obviously I have a cupboard full of preening quilts too :)
I did get some embroidery done yesterday to ship off to my MMM partner

It was inspired by the text that Aimee Ray supplies in Doodle stitching and grew from that, I had fun looking for different fonts to use for each word, not so much fun making them all wonky or split stitching my way through all of them though! This bad girl needs posted off this week but I'm still not sure if she needs some embellishment under the "Amazing"

Well I'm off to the daily grind now but plenty of time to sew some more tonight :)
Have a great week!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Small New Blog Meet-Up at Lily's Quilts

Small Blog Meet

Morning :)
Feeling a lot better today! You guys have fabulous blog lists lol I happily sat on the sofa and read through sooo many blogs over the weekend, I think I've now got more inspiration than fabric to play with!
After a foray over to Lily's Quilts I read her latest post with interest "Small New Blog Meet Up" and it got me thinking about reintroducing myself, to join in she asks that you write a post that tells people a little about yourself and your quilting.  I started this blog a few month back mainly to document my first online bee - Sew Modern Bee but my enjoyment of crafting, quilting, swapping and blogging about it all kind of out grew that first plan :)
So now this blog is my space to cover all of that (And to have a little whinge about being poorly — see my last post lol) 
So that explains a little about my blog now onto me…just so you know I've rewritten this more than evelenty times as I'm rubbish at writing about myself. I'm regularly the youngest person in my local quilt shop, unless someone brings the grandkids along to a class. My mum used to say my taste was all in my mouth due to the fabulous colour combinations I wore/dyed my hair/painted my room. My hair is currently Kona Cerise colour and you know you love fabric when you can match your hair to a Kona colour! I'm someones mum, have been for just over 9 years now, and will more than likely say the same things to my darling daughter as she grows up :)
As for my quilting I suppose I would fall into the Modern category but that doesn't stop me trying classic blocks, I may not be any good at them but I give them a go! I enjoy using modern prints in my projects I love the way the colours pop :) I've recently started embroidering again so I imagine some more pics may well find their way on here soon!
Well I think that just about covers it for an all about me and my blog, I love reading comments so if you have any questions pop them in the comments and I'll get back to you.

Hope you have a great week!