Monday, 22 August 2011

MMM swap and More :)

This fabulous kit and caboodle was sent to me by my amazing Make Mine Modern partner Candi of Raccoon Creek Quilts I have to admit to wanting Carly to come and live with me as soon as I came across her photo in the Flickr pool - And guess what...SHE DID :) she brought some friends with her, the Far Far away 3 gang came along to keep her company as did some amazing grumpy owls! I feel utterly spoilt rotten :) Thank you bucket loads Candi!
As a side note Carly is now living on the wall above my sewing machine, I will post pics once I have cleaned up the sewing room :)

I have been making things this week not just receiving great prezzies 
So far we have 3 new cushion covers (envelope backs as the fear of zippers is still prevalent here)

This is my first attempt at paper piecing and if any of you have any thoughts on fabric conservation please do let me know. I swear our great grandmothers whilst making do and mending did not quilt like this, I have a pile of scraps like no ones business after just one block!

Next on the list is this Quilt as you go cushion made with some Joel Dewberry prints, I enjoyed this and it was really quick to put together.

Last cushion of the day is a bento block cushion (by this point I thought well why not!)

Super densely quilted, two bobbins worth of thread went into this bad boy!

Next up is some fun Decoupage, this lot took an evening and was great fun to put together.

I'm loving the photo frame sooo much :)

Lastly is my lazy girl quilt so named as I didn't do a pick of piecing in it, I found the fabric at Ikea and loved it to bits. I couldn't face cutting it up and felt it was too pretty to be a backing so hey presto instant quilt top, cheeky I know but I love it.

Straight line quilted and the binding is a Kona colour but if I'm honest I don't know which one (I know not very helpful Sorry!) 

Hope you guys enjoyed having a look at this weeks blog offerings and manage to fit some sewing time in this week :)


  1. Looks like you've been having fun!

    Say, "whole cloth quilt.". Why mess with perfection? It is beautiful.

  2. You've been busy making treasures! I love the cushion covers and the 'lazy girl' quilt - that fabric is wonderful! I collect all my itty bitty scraps of fabric and wadding and take them to a local charity shop that collects rags - it's amazing how quickly all those tiny pieced fill a carrier bag!

  3. You made a ton of pretty things! I thought I know all the IKEA fabrics but this one looks new to me. I've never done paper piecing but wanna do the Summer Sampler QAL. In their tutorials it looked like they precut the pieces into shape and that there wouldn't be too many scraps.

  4. It's all so beautiful! I was just near an IKEA today & didn't go in, now I'm wishing I had! I love your pillows! I like envelope backs, I think a zip is unnecessary. That Joel dewberry is so lush, isn't it?

  5. Im so glad you like Carly - she was a first for me!

  6. Lovely whole cloth quilt - I wouldn't want to cut it up either!

  7. I love when the quilting blog community becomes smaller! Candi is a friend of mine IRL! Love the package you received from her. She's so talented!
    Love all the stuff you've got in progress. Especially love the quilting on that circle of geese!

  8. Love the fabric in the whole cloth. Was in Ikea yesterday and missed that one:( Mal


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