Saturday, 30 July 2011

Feeling sorry for myself

Hi peeps
My sewing exploits have been curbed over the last week due to crashing on the sofa with a rotten chest infection/head cold/snot explosion, Beautiful mental image there for you but at least theres no pics! After managing to hold it together enough to do my day job I've been coming home to crime drama reruns on TV, a squishy sofa and basically hiding under a quilt until its time to rinse and repeat.
My WIP list is a guilt ridden monster right now and I feel like I really should move my ass of the sofa and go work through some of it, but then I start coughing and think bugger it I'll stay here!
So after my snotty ramblings the point of this post is to ask you lovelies if you could possibly send me some blog links to read through while I'm on my butt, its my poorly addiction lol People just don't post fast enough when I have nothing better to do other than read blogs and blow my nose! So I need some new ones to read.
If I continue watching CSI, Cold case and Law and Order you may see some body outline quilts popping up soon!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Bee Blocks and quilts

So first off the bat is Singings tree block for our Sewn together bee. We were given free creative control :)

I promis it will be ironed again before it goes in the post!

This is really an embroidery pattern that I tweaked into applique :) Hope it goes well in her quilt!

Next up are blocks for  Say Yes Juliet she has had the fun of going first in our new Sew Bee It group. I had rather a lot of fabric left over so I ran off another block "buy one get one free" style :)

I've also finished off 3, yes thats right 3! lap quilts since my last post (This either means I quilt fast or blog slowly - I have my own theory on which it is lol)
The first one up is a photographic disappointment I'm afraid, I don't really know what happened, story of my life there,  but all the pics I have of the full quilt are utterly out of focus so here is a  snippet shot instead

Lots of stripes in Kaffe Fassett's Mitered boxes pattern with a strip boarder. At least the photo shows off the quilting :) If it gets out sunny tomorrow I'll try for another picture of the whole thing.

Next I had a bit of a prompt to use some of my Modern Meadow fabric, it seemed no matter where on the internet I went I kept bumping into This quilt So I thought well why not give it a try and heres the outcome 

Its backed in a fab shirting cotton I was given last year, its just soooo soft!

Last but not least I gave in and played with some of my Bento blocks! I'm sorry I couldn't resist! They were calling my name...singing it in fact!

I had great fun quilting all 3 of these quilts, not one quilting pattern was used, they were all freehand "drawn" with thread - They may not be the most complicated designs or the best quilting in the world but I had a blast making them!

Hope you guys have a fun week ahead of you with loads of free time for sewing!

Edited to add
Sorry for some reason the links I put in my posts only sometimes come up in a different colour, I have no idea why this is, it's starting to annoy me as I link all the time but they aren't showing unless you hover the curser over them. Grrr.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Spoonflower and Bee Blocks

Hi again
I thought I'd share some more pics today, firstly here is my growing collection of blocks from the Sew Modern Bee ladies. June was my month and I asked for wonky log cabin blocks from Quilt Dad's tutorial here. I love them all and the little flowers are fabulous.

My second bit of news for today is that my swatches came back from Spoonflower and I am rather excited with them! Here is the swatch for the floating poppy I showed you ladies a while back

And here is the link to see the rest of them if you fancy having a look :)

Quilt pics to follow (once I get that darn binding done!)
Have fun

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Pretty things

Well I managed to get some pics together this afternoon, as promised, so here we go!
This is a cushion cover I've made for my Make Mine Modern secret partner. After going through her faves and flickr stream like a nutter I came up with the idea for this as my partner seems to like birds and the colours I went with. 
The cover is 10"x10" and the details are raw edge applique, I just really hope that it's liked!

I've also been playing with fabric flowers and decided to make one for my hair with one of the "modern meadow" fabrics by Joel Dewberry.

I attached it to a hair elastic and hey presto fun and unique :) Yes my hair is pink too :)

Lastly I have finally finished my Frankenstein monster wall hanging! Pat on the back for me!
It has 720 1.5" squares of random scraps that have been bumming around my sewing room sewed together and made into a new item - hence the name :)
This picture was the inspiration and I don't think I've done too badly interpreting it into a wall hanging but let me know what you think.

Hope you enjoyed having a peek of some finished pieces and I have two more quilt's to show soon, thinking mid to end of the week by the time I've got the motivation to add binding to them.

Have a fabulous week

Customer service

Hello again peeps
It frequently amazes me that anyone pops by here and checks out this blog, however after just discovering the "stats" tab I got a happy surprise - Thanks for reading my ramblings people :)
Onto the ramblings!
I've been making and crafting and glueing but that will have to wait for another post as I can't seem to get any decent pics of my frankenstein like creation at the moment, promise I'll try again later on today.
As to the walking basically. It was my first ever go of a walking foot and that boy was LOUD!! sewing lasted for all of 3 mins and then a spring shot out of the side of it, much to the interest of Issabella who was cunningly hiding under my chair (She isn't allowed in the sewing room) After retrieving the spring and removing the cat the walking foot walked no more. This was about 3 weeks ago and to this day I have no idea what on earth I did to it. Ok so £37 down the drain I thought, curse words floated through my head and I put it in a draw and thought no more of it until about a week ago when I was *cough* cleaning *cough* my sewing room up and came across it again. The miffed feelings of splurging £37 came to the surface and I went forth and did very British thing... I complained. Thats right I called Jenome UK and was about to have a mini rant at them but I was stopped short by the customer service lady, who was just too darn nice to rant at. This utter sweat heart sympathised with what a pain in the butt it was to be having springs going off all over the place and having UFO's lounging about because of said springs being integral to the finishing of UFO's. The upshot of this is after a 5 minute conversation that I ended up laughing, she sent out a replacement foot no questions asked and I don't think I'll ever change brands. I do have to say they aren't paying me to say this, altho it would be cool if they were lol I just get fed up with crappy customer service so I like to shout about it when it is good, so here I am shouting about great customer service to people that might be interested as my dad really wasn't! :)

I will pop back later hopefully loaded with pics of projects that are FINISHED :D
Have a great day