Thursday, 6 September 2012

Herringbone quilts and headless dollies!

All done

and backed in Tula Pink

This one crinkled up lovely and is now in the shop
I am pleased I tried out my FMQ again rather than straight line quilting, it's fun if a little more work on your shoulders than straight quilting.

After finishing the Herringbone quilt I fancied playing with my yarn for a change, I have a secret hooky habit! My inspiration came from Lucy at Attic 24 if you've not seen her beautiful blog you should pop over and take a peek.

Issabella is pleased I'm making her a butt warmer, apparently I make too many quilts she's not allowed near so she is taking every opportunity to sit on this one while I'm making it. 
As a side note this time next month I should have had the chimney sweep man out to have a look at our fire and if all goes to plan I get to have a real open fire this winter :D

Please don't worry I do not behead dollies! It was more of a body transplant (Does that even make it better!?!) This is a test run of a pattern I've been working on for a strapless Blythe dress. A few more tweaks and I might be happy with it!