Monday, 28 March 2011

My weekend project

The scrap organisation went too well...Once everything was sorted out and sitting pretty on my shelves I had to go and make something! I have been promising a lady I work with a hexagon cushion for weeks so here was my chance. I pulled my Pat Bravo stash out and after quite a lot of "oohing" and "Isn't this one pretty?" to my very disinterested daughter, she was waiting for her grandpa to come and take her out for lunch so the disinterest is understandable, I decided on the peachy prints from Modern Affair.

I had to have a hunt around for the pattern pieces but once found I was off like a shot!
I will admit here once and for all I can not put zippers in anything to save my life. So the cushion has an envelope back made from, for want of a better description, a very furry fleece fabric that happened to appear one day in my sewing room.
Anyway an hour and a half later (Boy these things are faster than quilts!) I had it finished.

Not the best photo in the world but you get the idea :)

So now it's monday my bookcase with patterns on needs sorting and yet again I have to sort out my scraps!
Hope you had a good weekend and have loads of fun things planned for the rest of this week.

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