Monday, 24 October 2011

Quarter log cabin quilts and some old school AMH embroidery

That one picture can sum up the last two weeks for me, meds and tissues. Now I'm thinking I need one of those swanky tissue box covers :) I obviously have too much time on my hands as whilst watching yet more TV the Kleenex advert came on and 2 of the quilts look like they have been made from Little folks by Anna Maria Horner.
The other thing I noticed was how stupid and politically correct ads are, two examples Firstly Cadburys fruit and NUT has a "May contain nuts" warning, well I'd bloody hope it does really! Second is the Kinder egg advert (Yes I pay attention to sweets adverts!) that one warns you that it contains a toy! I don't know one child that gets them for the rotten chocolate do you? Anyway enough of my TV ramblings moving swiftly on!
When this came I nearly had a cow!

Do you see that hostage note!?! £93.25 that about $140 I think I shall with hold my customs rant for another day! Once I got over my shock and got the parcel opened this one shot out of nowhere and claimed it for her own
If I spoke Siamese I would hazard a guess I'm being told to bugger off, either that or she has adopted a Golem voice and is warding me away from her preeeeeecious  
Once I managed to actually get into the fabric madam claimed a beautiful pink dot as her own instead of the whole lot

Ah yes those are man feet, the man attached to them was making all of the correct "Oh I like that one" noises so I was a happy woman :) And yes that is a pile of Christmas fabric, would you like a closer look? here you go then

I swore no Christmas themed quilts unless I loved the fabric because as you may have worked out I like some really bright fabric and you don't tend to get much for Christmas time. So when I came across this lot they jumped into my cart before I could say "what will I make?" (Christmas quilts was the answer)

So other than glugging down cough medicine I have made some quilt tops (I'm quite pleased with the 'S' on that!) So as I can't really sew right now I'll do a show and tell of my wip list :)

This is a teeny tiny receiving quilt I say teeny as its 35"x 40" but if i'm being honest I just wanted to play :) I mixed up some Joel Dewberry prints, as they all go really well together, and this little quilt is what happened.

Sorry the blue in this looks really washed out :( it isn't in real life though so thats my photography skills for you. I have always wanted to make a quilt with only one block so this is it. Its lap quilt size I can't remember exactly and can't be chewed going to measure it up again. Again I wanted to play so I did.

This bad girl came from the ladies of the Sew Modern Quilt Bee I have a few blocks left to make into a giant floor cushion which I think will rock when we're chilling out on a weekend. Thank you ladies for helping me put together this quilt :)

If anyone has any thoughts on how any of the 3 should be quilted please let me know, right now I'm toying with ideas but haven't pinned one down yet.

And lastly some embroidery, as I've sat on my bum for quite some time I thought I had better do something more productive than watch crime dramas and shout at adverts. I picked out some fabric and embroidered it to death :) here are the pics to prove it

Again these colours aren't quite right! that red is purple!

My french nots are a little sloppy but I don't really care :) satin stitch and split stitch have been the heroes of the day!
I may have a massive crush on Anna Maria Horners fabrics, I adore what she does with florals! 
I think this will either be a wall hanging or a cushion but I'm not sure yet.

Ok so after that picture heavy post I'm off to cook some tea then get back to my Google reader list because I swear if I watch any more CSI I could tell them how to run a crime lab.

Have a great week :)


  1. I love your embroidery and blocks and that Christmas fabric is fab! I've never understood, in CSI (and I on think tv in general), why they never turn the lights on when they search a crime scene...

  2. That's one heck of a charge on your parcel - I nearly choked on my tea! Knew there was a reason I don't buy from the US! They're all lovely but that red and white snowflake is calling my name and would look lovely in my Christmas quilt ;o) Love the quilt tops you've made and the embroidery is fabulous!! Hope you're feeling better?

  3. I'm so sorry you are laid up. I remember the tourture of thinking one more day of lounging about and I will feel better just to get worn out by taking a shower. Pneumonia stinks!

    I am right with you on the loonacy of comercials. My favorite ones to heckle are for "erectile disfinction". When they advise that an erection lasting more than 4 hours may be cause for medical attention I am astounded. "No kidding," I shout at the telli. I'd be seeking medical attention long before 4 hours, but then maybe it is a man thing. Lol.

  4. When I had pneumonia my mum kept me supplied with mystery novels. They werent great works of fiction, but they kept my mind occupied while my body rested.

  5. You are too funny! Even when you are sick ;-) Hope you will recover completely soon! Those kitty pics made me crack up! The first one looks like she is staring in The Exorcist and in the 2nd ne shelooks like a little angel ;-) I love cats!

  6. Wow! Gorgeous fabrics, lovely quilts and incredible embroidery in one post!

  7. Why did it cost so much? Uhhh - that stinks! You need to be sick more often but not really sick! Good on you how much you have done. I adore all of this. My fella thinks your cat is possessed. And I'm so proud to be part of one of your quilts.

  8. ooh I like those xmas fabrics :) and haha to the nuts - i've seen the same warning on satay sauce. The one that cracks me up tho is on a jar of minced garlic. on the label, there is a picture of a whole garlic clove with the words "Serving suggestion" - what?! Put it back together again???!!!

  9. your embroidery is sensational - makes me want to pick up all my threads left over from my counted cross stitch days....

  10. Great embroidery and lovely fabrics, goodness gracious me that postage cost is unbelievable, was it sent from the states?


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