Sunday, 27 November 2011

If Little apples and Just wing it had a baby...

I would look like this

I got the quilt made up and thought "Well why not!"and made a cushion to go with it :D
I don't tend to stick to one line when I make anything and this was no exception. I pulled out my little apples charm squares and added some Just wing it charms and came up with this

I felt the need to jazz it up a bit so I used some fancy quilting stitches on The beast for the quilting and decided on a scrappy binding to offset the wide, for one of my quilts, border. 

I really like how it's turned out and how fast it was to make!

The japanese x and + block swap now has a flickr group :D ok so I'm a little proud of myself for figuring out that whole setting up a group thing! It's just Here so pop over and say hi. I'll add the link to my Flickr groups page too so its easier to find!

Hope you're getting plenty of time to sew up a storm this weekend!


  1. Love the quilt and the cushion and the fancy stitching looks great!

  2. Perfect combination and I love the fancy stitching!

  3. Darling little quilt in darling fabric! And I'll see you in the x & + swap!


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