Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Let me introduce you...

To Devon

You all know I'm a big kid right? Yeah I went and bought a dolly :D 
Ok so the poor thing has a wonky hair do straight out of the box and slightly wonky blusher. I was a makeup artist with Bobbi Brown cosmetic's for 9 years before my "new" job so I've promised her I'll fix that but the hair...there is a reason my photo's never make it onto the blog or Flickr and thats because I cut my own bangs!
So armed with some sewing patterns I'm off to add to doll clothes to my WIP list! Yup 26 days before Christmas I'm sewing up none gift items...Someone remind me of this post when I'm sewing at 11pm on Christmas eve!


  1. Too cute! Well, I know exactly what you mean with none gift items on the sewing list ;-) I have to keep slapping and reminding myself that this IS NOT THE TIME YET!

  2. As someone that makes teddy bears, I can't really comment on you collecting dollies (after all, you guys are my customers lol). I'm about to deviate from my list too, because, hey, sometimes we need to embrace the inspiration!

    Happy playing :o)


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