Tuesday, 27 December 2011

How was your Christmas?

I thought mine had plans to do me in! Just so you understand we gave in to insanity and moved house on the 16th of December, ran a stall at the coldest outdoor christmas market in the world on the 17th, put in a full week of work and unpacked (what felt like) millions of boxes 18th to 23rd, shopped, gift wrapped and put up the tree on the 24th...I'm going to need a year to recover...make that two years!

I have no new sewing to show you all, in fact I'm only semi sure where The Beast is right now *hangs up sewing pride in a dusty corner of the loft* but heres some blocks I forgot to share before the move :)

These are for The japanese x and + block swap I'm running on Flickr...it starts in 11 days if anyone fancies signing up *nudge hint nudge* :)

As for the big day its self we had a blast, really chilled out with family, food and drinks. After putting the tree up at 10pm Christmas eve I feel our little girlie tree needs a little showing off here on the blog -

Yes the tree is wonky...it didn't start off that way but if you have a cat you'll understand.

My union jack tree, it just makes me grin whenever I look at it!

My tree is girlie pink and proud of it with lashings of sparkles and twinkly fairy lights, over kill to some but not me or a 9 year old Madam :D

Just before christmas I was the lucky winner of one of Jodi's quilts...if you have little ones go and check out her Etsy shop Tickle and Hide The clothes are enough to make me get all wistful for little people to shop and make for! 

Isn't it fabulous! 

And this is the self same quilt sporting my Christmas goodies :)

You have to love a manly man that will go out of his way to get you new quilting gloves and a japanese pattern book for christmas :) I also was gifted some amazing scrap packs but they really don't photograph well, don't panic though I have plans for them so you'll get to see the cute japanese fabrics soon. Speaking of Japanese can anyone that reads my blog read it? That pattern book in the middle is completely in japanese so other than following the pictures I think I may have a giggle using it! (and you guys have all witnessed my inability to follow a quilting pattern without tweaking it!) 

My plans are now to spend what free time I have before New Year to sort out the loft (soon to be sewing room) so I can kick off some more bee blocks and x&+ blocks before any bee mama's have to come hunting me down! 

Hope Santa was good to you all and you're enjoying the season!


  1. Love those blocks and fab pressies there missus! Good luck hunting down the Beast!

  2. Bah! I haven't even STARTED looking at my scraps! Now I'm all hung up on the FQS Contest over at Quokka. I'm never going to get anything done! Haha!

  3. Oh, your blocks look great! I've only gotten one made but hope to get a few more done in the next day or two. Your tree is spectacular, and you are very brave for making that move!

  4. My you really know how to bring on the stress, don't you?! LOL We moved on 7th December 1991 and I never want to do it again!!

    Glad you had a lovely Christmas regardless; I received quilt books and a Kindle and will visit Spotlight later in the week for a fabric shopping spree (30% off)!

  5. Last year we moved on Christmas Day but at least we didn't still have a party and all the other things you managed to do. Loving those x&+blocks! That rainbow hexagon quilt is gorgeous!!

  6. Love the wonky girly christmas tree! The quilt is beautiful x

    Enjoy the rest of christmas break!

    Leah x

  7. You really know how to have a good time, don't you? Glad you survived and still had a good Christmas. Love your tree! Lovely X & + blocks too. Try to get some rest! Enjoy the rest of your break!

  8. I just signed up to join the swap...my first one! Guess I'd better get busy and sort my scraps!

  9. You are amazing! So glad to see your back!

  10. You are insane but we love it!!! Your man is fab, what a great haul... Happy new year and looking forward to more shennanigans in 2012!

  11. Grrr! Why are you doing this to me! I need another swap like I meed a hole in the head, but I so want to join yours!!

  12. I love your gift!! I saw it the first time and went straight out and bought the ruler to make it, lol...now I'm just waiting to get enough scraps to make it :) Congrats!


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