Saturday, 14 January 2012

Finally getting through some scraps!

After the house move I had to reorganise my fabric and with that came the dreaded scrap management system! after unpacking Madams room I was kindly left with a toy net from Ikea *Kaching!* An Ikea toy net, it turns out is perfect for scraps...Have a look and see :)

Click on the photo for a chance of reading the teeny tiny text that I swear was bigger when I added it! 

Behind the big old net o' scraps you can see the shelving with the rest of the scrap sitting scowling at me waiting to be used.
The "Rule of thumb" is anything smaller than a FQ goes in the net, which is right next to my cutting table (so no excuse not to use it) and larger than a FQ but less than a 1/4 yard is stacked on the shelves....I'll let you know how long I keep it up for lol

With this scrap management in mind (and the small issue of loosing the fabric I had planned to use for my month in the house move) I'm sending out my scraps to my sewn together bee mates for my month with the hopes that when they come back to me they'll be quilt blocks rather than a storage pain :D
The blocks I'm asking for are from Elizabeth Hartman's blog Oh Fransson which if you haven't checked out yet you really should as it's choc-a-block full of inspiration. While I was putting off doing the house work  researching I came across these mod mosaic blocks and knew straight away these would kill the scrap bin :) Here's the Link for the downloadable pattern  and here's a pic of the test blocks I ran up

 I'm leaving them wonky until I get all the blocks back and fingers crossed this should, given the amount of scraps I have, end up big  enough for my king size bed once I'm done :D

And lastly here is a sneak peek teaser of the fabrics I'm working with on a new quilt

Yummy yummy voiles! 


  1. Using the toy net for your scraps was an inspired idea! Sending scraps out to be made into blocks was an even more inspired idea!

  2. Love the idea of the toy net! I hope your new system works out for you. I can't find a scraps system that I am happy with!! Your mod mosaic blocks will be awesome!

  3. I love your scrap organizer! What an awesome idea. And I can't wait to get started on these blocks.

  4. The use of that ikea basket is an inspired solution. Is that whole room yours? Bliss! I start cutting my strips into 2.5 inch strips which go into an ikea drawer, there is another drawer for 2 inch, and another for odd widths. There are plans for log cabins, and other scrappy projects. I love your idea!

  5. Love those mod mosaic blocks, it's going to make a fab quilt! I have a similar management rule, bigger than a FQ, or an FQ line still in tact, goes in the big shelves, FQs or nearly FQs (up to about half gone) go in the CD shelving, and smaller than that go in ziplock bags by colour in the CD tower, all next to my cutting table for minimal management excuses! I also have a small lidded metal bucket type bin under the cutting table for interfacing/batting scraps.

  6. Love your scrap management system and your scrappy blocks look fabulous...another thing to add to my 'one day I'll make' list!

  7. Love the storage system and am so jealous of your sewing space!!! The block looks great, can't wait to see what it becomes and the voile, 'oh my' - I just want to touch it!


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