Friday, 25 May 2012

A quick explanation and a note on Market madness!

This has been bothering me so I think I'll share.
I am not a regular blogger, I feel best posting about twice a month because frankly thats about how often I have something relevant to say and the time to say it :D
I don't often "show & tell" new fabric I've bought, because at the moment I'm not buying any lol and it's not often that I link up in link parties because (and no disrespect meant here at all!) For the most part they just aren't my thing. I can think of 2 that are the twist to the rule here but you get what I mean. With all of that in mind at least you know when you read my little blog you are reading something I wanted to write with no deadline pushing me to write it and you'll never open your reader to see a million posts by me that you have to "Mark all as read" :D
I feel better putting this out there as it's been weighing on my mind for a while now (Having only a little mind anything weighing on it is a bad thing!)

Ok so onto something you came here to read lol

After my last post I had a few comments and some emails asking about markets and what they are like. Now I'm fairly sure that other people are much better equipped with more experience than I have to answer, but who cares!?!  Here is my take on market madness -

1. Go to the market yourself, as a customer, before putting your pretty wares on the table and pennies in the organisers pockets. See if it's the sort of place you like shopping, take in the atmosphere (or lack of it) by a cake to munch on (Craft markets ALWAYS have cake stalls and it would be rude not to!)

1.5 Have a look to see if people are selling similar things to yours. If one or two are its a good sign that you have a chance of doing well, if every other stall is selling the same thing as you, you are really going to have to work it.

2. Questions to ask the organiser - How big are the pitches and do you supply tables/chairs? Then ask if you can bring extra. Some places will let you bring a rack to hang things on others discourage it. If they don't supply chairs and you forget to bring one yourself call anyone that loves you and beg them to bring you one! If your out doors or on a hard floor you will be eternally grateful to them for saving your feet.

3. While sitting at home the night before  as soon as you have booked your place work out what will be going where on your tables-trust me this will save a lot of early morning stress on the day. Also pull all of your stock into one room and inventory it so you can work out what was sold and what was stolen after the event.

4. People steal things, not everyone but I wanted to get your attention. Keep an eye on your stuff!

5. Make sure you have enough change, people will pay for things in the biggest denomination they can possibly use i.e. the card cost 50p and the gent gave me a £20 note. That was FUN.
All the same don't forget to note down the 50p card sold so you can check it off your list.

6. Pack a lunch and take warmer/cooler clothing or you will spend your hard earned pennies buying cake for lunch and wooly hats to keep warm in....but that might just be me.

7. Convince someone to come with you so you can go and buy cake  have a look around and stretch your legs every once in a while.

So the list is by no means exhaustive but no bugger warns you that your feet will hurt and people might pinch things when you aren't looking so I thought I would.

Its still fun to do craft markets, just make sure you research the market you're thinking of booking and go with the intention of having a fun day and not the intention of becoming a millionaire in one day!

As it would be rude to finish this post without a picture heres one of the beach again, blustery cold beach walks are the best!


  1. Thank you for sharing that, Sarah. Can I add that the other person mentioned in point 7, is also minding your stall when you're on the loo. You would at least have to go once I assume? I would AT LEAST. Unless it's horrible.
    Sorry about that.
    Good to hear from you.
    I thought you were going to talk about another upcoming market (sort of like) where a lot of people get soooo worked up about. Sorry about that too, but it bothers me ...

  2. Blogging without obligation - I'm with you there! It hound be fun, not a chore. I saw the previous comment - I've always been lucky and been next to lovely stall holders and we've looked after each others stalks for wee breaks and while one goes to get both a hot drink, but I suppose you can't always assume you'll get a nice person!

  3. Pinching? At a craft fair? Do (some) people have no shame?!

  4. Hey Sarah, you know if you posted 1 million posts per week I would not have been too upset for having missed this one ;-)
    Thanks for all the info. 2 years ago, I went to a little market, only sold one thing, but it was a lot of fun. Sorry if you had some of your beautiful things stolen! Seems like cake is very important ;-)
    At the market I went to every seller had to bring a cake and that was the market fee. Isnt that great? So, it didnt hurt at all that I almost didnt sell anything!


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