Monday, 11 June 2012

Why I avoid organising my sewing space

Last week I had an idea, not a particularly good idea in hindsight but an idea nonetheless. I thought If I excavated organised my sewing room that I would be more productive. So off I went up the stairs, hopes high that by the end of the afternoon I would have fabric folded beautifully and organised by colour, pattern books finally picked up and sitting happy on the shelves, possibly even magically translated for me from Japanese to English (Ok that one was far fetched but I was on a roll) What actually happened was I went upstairs started pulling fabrics out to re-fold and got horribly and utterly side tracked (Don't laugh I bet it's happen to you too :D) I came across these partially finished blocks

If you're a regular here you may recognise these as part of Franky  that didn't get used. Quite possibly I intended to use them but lost them in the debilitating mess that was my sewing room of DOOM at the time. Well one thing led to another and before I knew it the plans for cleaning and organising had gone out the window and Franky #2 had made it's way under the foot of the sewing machine.

I knew I'd find a use for that quilted backing stuff! 

Now let me just say I had forgotten how much thread these buggers take, 3 spools for one *roughly* 10"x8" block!

So I bit the bullet and ran off another one :D 

This is why I avoid organising. If I plan to do it then it never happens. I get distracted by shiny pretty things. Currently my sewing room still needs tidied/organised/cleaned but there are much more fun things to do in there, so more than likely it will stay like that for a little while longer :D 


  1. I like the stitching being a feature of joining them. I think it works remarkably well as a piece of wall art.

  2. I love Franky One and Two - good luck with the rest of the tidying...if I lived closer I'd come and give you a hand, I love a good sort out!!

  3. I think I share with you the doom and delight of a chaotic workplace.. :D love the result, anyway! :)

  4. That looks awesome and it was nice to meet Franky ;-)

  5. I LOVE this one! I totally understand why you don't organise... you have to be too strict with yourself so that you don't get sidetracked..ha ha..not!


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