Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Things I've been sewing so far this month

I thought I would make an effort and re-take some of the quilt photo's for the shop, because regardless of what Etsy forums seem to say, a white background was doing nothing for my quilts! I now have a bunch of editing to do and then the shop will look all sparkly and new :D

I've started sewing up my x and + blocks finally! I have a load more to sew/make before it's the size I want but a start is always good.

Franky #2 has grown significantly and will also at some point soon end up in the shop as I've been meaning to get some wall hangings in there for ages.

My block for the uk borders agency bee  One seam flying geese! I swear I'm now loving these things :D I was asked on Flickr how to make them so I'll put up a super quick tutorial at some point today if anyone here is interested? 

My Super duper late block for Shanna Hope you like it sweetie, it's posted and on it's way!

My finished Mod Mosaic quilt
This one is staying with me, I love it soooo much, all of those little scraps we keep can be used for something pretty! 

My Horizon has a load of stitches for quilting, being me I didn't use them lol I found this one in the "Utility stitches" section. I have no idea what it would be used for other than quilting but if you know please do tell!

Well I'm off to go and tidy up the sewing room after all of the creative mess that has accumulated over the past few days...Wish me luck! 


  1. It is all so lovely! The first quilt is so pretty and the background sets it off perfectly!
    And I love Frankie #2!

  2. It is all so bright and happy!

  3. I recognize a couple of those mod blocks. It looks absolutely fabulous, dahling! Would be very interested in hearing your one seam technique for geese.

  4. Your work is lovely. Well done girl!

  5. Totally lovely . . and I hope you're doing better! ♥

  6. I love all these projects - your photos are always amazing and make me want to either pick up a needle and get sewing or pick up my camera and get better at taking photos! Usually both ;o) Good luck with the tidying! xx


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