Sunday, 5 August 2012

Finishing off my scrap bin quilt

Once I got some more wadding I was off like a shot :)

I am guilty of "saving" backing fabrics like some people "save" designer prints in their stash, this one has been saved for best for well over a year now, I'm happy I finally got to use it! It is linen with a lovely texture and a fab BIG print. (Click the photo for a better look)

As you can see I straight line quilted either side of the seam line, I didn't mark the lines as I wanted them to be a little more casual than uniform :) 

It turned out quite a bit larger than I expected and finished at 54" square.

And the obligatory rolled up quilt shot, just because I managed a decent depth of field shot on my iPhone! 

This one is going up on my Shop

While I was wadding shopping I managed to pick up some lovely solids at a great price, so I think this afternoon I'm going to go and have a half hour sewing with them and see what I come up with.

Hope your weekend is being good to you!


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