Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Modern stripe quilts

I hope these photos make up for the dodgy indoor lighting at night shots in my last post :)

They are finished and I love 'em! 

You know those times when you make a quilt with no particular pattern in mind and you just want it to look pretty once your finished? This is one of those times for me. 
I partially improved my way through these tops (Pink one was made first) using 5" and 3" WOF strips hacking them apart and sewing them back together again until I got something I was happy with. 

You gal's got to see the backing on Monday but it's so pretty here it is again :) 

Yes this is a quilt on a rope swing...Well we were at the park.

Artfully draped over a wooden fence. 

And a close up of the millions and millions of lines I quilted, ok maybe not millions but it felt like it at the time! But look at that crinkly goodness totally worth it! 

Once I had finished this one I really wanted to do the whole thing over again, yup I am a total glutton for punishment enjoyed it that much. So the "Mustard & Manly" version came about...Which also had to go to the park.

And play on the climbing frame.

and be a floozy and show it's backing to the world

and be all Manly and climb walls.

And then try and prove it has more quilt lines than it's pink twin.
(Give something a gender and watch me run with it) 
Again with the crinkles, they make me so happy! 

So some quilty stats
Pink modern stripes is approximately 37" x 42" 
Is made from 4 solids - 2 pinks, a plum and a blue. One of the pinks is Kona Pomegranate and the rest are free spirit ones that I never knew the names of :( 
5 bobbins of raspberry pink thread went into this little quilt (That might be why I thought there were millions of lines!)  
And is for sale here

Mustard and Many
Is a little larger at roughly 38" x 47"
One of the solids is Kona Herb, buggered if I can remember what the rest are called but I will go up 2 flights of stairs and find out if anyone out there in blogland really wants to know...cause I like you all.
and again 5 bobbins of beige thread went into this little quilt.
And it is also for sale here

I hope you enjoyed my little show and tell even if it is a day late :D


  1. Enjoyed ot very much. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love them. . but the manly mustard is to DIE for!

  3. These are beautiful! I love all that straight line quilting :)


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