Friday, 24 May 2013

Wow I have sooo much to catch up on!
My reader is sitting at 300+ posts to read and I need to reply to all the lovely comments left for me from the bloggers quilt festival post (Sorry peeps I will get there soon!)
What has kept me so busy? Frankly I couldn't tell you! not thats its top secret in anyway, I just don't know. I worked an extra day this week, which while it has left me unable to remember what day it is (I'm running a day behind myself) it hasn't really eaten up too much of my time. Never mind, I'll show you what I have been up to :)

Steam Punk quilt pattern by Jen Kingwell

This came for me and I have to say I honestly haven't been this excited to start a quilt in AGES! 
There is a Flickr group already set up for you to join if you want to join in.
 (Don't get me started on what Flickr has done to it's self, needless to say if you follow my stream you'll know I'm not a fan!) 

This is the reason I haven't actually started the Steam Punk quilt yet
New York Beauty start of my pillow talk swap 

 Pillow talk swap got hold of me and made me join! I have gotten further in making my pillow to send out I just haven't gotten around to taking photo's on it yet :) 

We also had a birthday in the house, and just to make me proud she asked for a Pink Sewing Machine!! (I will admit to being a little chuffed to bits with the request) I picked this one up at John Lewis for her and after helping her set it up and play for a while I can say she is very taken with it and so am I. For the price you pay it seems a bargain for someone just starting out sewing or buying for a child if your not too sure if they will stick at it. Obviously I can't speak to longevity but if anyone is interested in it let me know and I'll do a quick show and tell. 

These bad boys have been in bloom all over the town and I can not get enough of them, it always makes me sad when the blooms start dropping and the riot of pinks dies down to make way for "summer" If you live in the UK you understand the need for inverted commas.

Ben and Jerry's has been a very good friend to me over the last few weeks, in fact I might go so far as to say Core is my best bud, not to mention the fun you can have with Freudian slips at the name of this flavour, he has been there through traumatic Greys Anatomy, Doctor Who, Lost Girl and Criminal Minds. However sadly the time has come for us to part ways. The scales have tipped too far, my skinny jeans are calling to me and the dent where my bum goes in the sofa can no longer just be called a dent more of a hollow. It's off to the gym I have to go, so wish me luck ladies! I aiming to drop 9kg and no it isn't all ice-cream! but I did turn to the sweet stuff to help quit smoking a year ago and I've not had one since so I am thankful for that. 
Around the same time as I stopped smoking, as a household, we decided to stop buying processed food and eat clean healthy food, it's just a shame my brain can't understand ice-cream and Cadbury's dairy milk aren't actually primal food groups or I'd be a skinny mini by now! 

Hope you have plans for a fabulous weekend and manage to squeeze in some sewing time :) 


  1. Good luck with the weight loss and congrats on giving up smoking! Happy birthday for your daughter - I hope she sticks with the sewing. I love your NYB!

  2. Your life sounds very full. I'm glad for all of the good stuff.

  3. Isn't it wonderful when the next generation choose something that creates rather then wasted time!

  4. Congrats on giving up smoking and good luck with the gym. It's a shame that chocolates and ice cream don't grow on trees or we'd have evolved to thrive on them! Your NYB is stunning and the steam punk pattern looks really exciting :)

  5. Congratulations on being a non-smoker! I'm really looking forward to seeing your swap cushion and the first block of the steampunk quilt!

  6. You will be so happy with yourself in the future when you can say ' oh I haven't smoked in this many years' good for you!
    I want to give that steam punk block a try too. It's on the long long list!

  7. Okay, let's be real here for a moment: ice cream is totally a food group, I don't care what anyone else says!


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