Saturday, 8 June 2013

Its all part of the process

 I've been thinking about my blog over the last few days and it occurred to me that I don't share the "making" very often-even though I regularly take photos as I sew. I think part of this is due to the less than stella lighting in the attic and partly because I normally make quilts and lets face it there are hundreds of process posts for quilts all over blogland. A change came about though, I made another pillow, well cushion really as I'm in the UK but hayho I'll go with the crowd for this post and call it a pillow lol  

So I've been interested in Runes for a fairly long time, so much so that I had the Elder Futhark tattooed down my back a few years back. I like being able to see them about the place but when I've looked for beautiful art works that portray runes I discovered they were rather thin on the ground. Now I'm not saying I have made an outstanding artwork however I have made something that makes me happy when I see it and I do tend to think that it amounts to the same thing yes? 

To start with I pulled my rune images and printed them onto freezer paper (and yes I printed on the wrong side first!) 

I then trimmed them down and cut them out, leaving the centre cutouts in place.

I decided I wanted these made from a deep forest green felt 

So shiny side down they went and I *gently* pressed them with the iron. Then out came the super small embroidery scissors to cut them out (Him in doors cut the inner parts out for me as believe it or not I'm rather accident prone when it comes to delicate details! )

Popped them onto a quilt sandwich, pinned them down and stitched them into place.

I then went with that fabulous tag line "quilt as desired" and I desired to quilt it with pebbles :D 

Given my fear of zippers my pillow has an envelope back.

I then wrapped the whole thing in a binding and called it a day! 
I truly enjoyed making my rune pillow, felt and linen just seemed right to use given the subject matter. 

I hope you're having a lovely weekend, we're having so much sun here my garden plants and I have gone into shock but It's lovely being able to sit out and eat strawberry's dipped in honey in the sun :) 

Have an amazing weekend :) 


  1. Cool!
    Yeah, I always get a flash of inspiration around 10pm - a horrible time for taking photos!

  2. lovely, i used to know what sounds some of the viking. ones represented, but no idea now, does it say something rude?

  3. This is a great pillow. Thanks for sharing how you made it. I sometimes think about making an ogham quilt and I think this would be a good technique. I do wish we had better lighting in this country!

  4. I used to use Runes a lot when I was younger. They look fabulous on your pillow. That strawberry dipped in honey looks so good!!


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