Monday, 19 August 2013

Geese in the Forest quilt Slooooow progress!

This is as far as I've gotten!
4 blocks out of 100, this is a slow burner :)

I am really happy with the linen as a background, I gave in and ordered from a UK based shop so should have some more to work with this week. 
In the mean time I thought I would pull together some fabrics for the geese parts and prep as much as I could.

So as soon as it lands on my mat I'm ready to sew...well once I've cleared this lot up

Why am I such a messy worker? I mean really even the shelves are trashed. I've got a lot of refolding to do in the morning! 

Just to cheer myself up I'll share tomorrows dinner recipe with you Gnocchi with pancetta, spinach and parmesan cream It's not going to make the skinny jeans fit any better but my word will it make me happy :D 


  1. Bad Girl, showing us that glorious mess and then a gazillion calorie recipe that just begs to be made and enjoyed.

  2. I am keeping an eye on you with this one ... ;) I trash my shelves too... Hope you had fun!

  3. the geese are looking fab. i had a go at some yesterday but im not very good st them!

  4. Oooo... Please can I come and rummage through all that delicious fabric and stroke it.. Whilst looking like I'm tidying it, of course :)

  5. I think we all work the same way - pull, pull, pull, huge mess, work around the mess, sigh, fold all the pretties back onto the shelves. Love your blocks!

  6. do you paper piece your flying geese?
    i never thought of doing that...i have NO luck in getting uniform geese....
    food for thought....

  7. hey stumbled her cause of jeni's favorites - I hope we see more of this quilt - I have just bought that pattern as well and am going to do it shortly :)
    Looking forward to see all the different versions.

    PS: For your tech question above - I am not very good at it, but as you are using the same platform - I MIGHT be able to help with some questions. Email me if you want, I might not always respond really fast, but I do (eventually) :))


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