Thursday, 29 August 2013

Quiet scraps for an improv quilt

 Sorry to anyone that is a Flickr contact, you will have seen these photos earlier in the week! 
As I've been working my way ever so slowly through the Geese in the Forest quilt pattern I fancied starting a totally free flow pattern, me thinks I'm rebelling against paper piecing, this isn't like me at all-I am a one project at a time type of girl! However it is what it is and I went with it :) 

I pulled some of my favourite scraps of quiet low volume fabric, little bits from past projects, some from swaps or scrap packs and then added some more chatty friendly prints into the mix.

I then stitched and added fabrics, stitched and trimmed and then added some more!

And this is what I left hanging in the sewing room last night 

I am really pleased with this little rebellious piece of patchwork. I'm planning on adding roughly 10" to the top and sides to make it into a good sized baby quilt, that said if it keeps growing it could end up big enough to fit on my bed! 

I really must get around to some basket photography soon, I've whipped up quite a few and also have my Sewing room swap partners fabric buckets ready to fact they have all been sitting on the kitchen table since Sunday just waiting for me to get around to it. A fabulous display of being a lazy bugger if ever I've had one! 

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  1. What a lovely quilt top you're making. So many gorgeous fabrics to find in there - perfect for a baby quilt


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