Sunday, 1 December 2013

Fowl Issues!

I am no goose farmer! 
As of the beginning of the week this was my paltry flock
Aaaand I've been working on these since August.

So yesterday afternoon, instead of Christmas shopping, I had a sneaky sewing day!

I got myself all prepped with a load of pattern pieces blind sewn and ready to go and a stack of pre cut fabric geese. A few hours, and more cups of tea, later this blindingly bright bunch were ready to rock n' roll their way into my Geese in the Forest quilt :)

I think I might leave all of the papers in until I've sewn all the units and I'm ready to sew them together at some point next Spring. If anyone out there has an opinion on this I'd welcome it as to be honest I'm not too sure about the mammoth paper ripping session once they are all made or the possible fraying and needing to iron them all again if I take the papers out. 

If anyone reading fancies having a go at making this quilt (and demolishing their scrap pile in the process!) The Flickr group is Here I do think I'm rattling around there on my own at the moment so I know I'd welcome the company! 

P.S.       Please be aware there will be many many (bad) geese puns during the making and blogging of this quilt  Sorry! :D 

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  1. I have too many projects to start a new one , but yours are looking fab - gorgeous scraps!!!!!


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