Monday, 24 February 2014

Half term trip to Cragside

So truth be told I've always had a soft spot for Cragside with its giant rock gardens, rhododendrons and lakes so I was over the moon when Him in Doors suggested a trip there over the school half term holidays. 
As you pull into the visitors centre the first thing you see is the tree line with these lovely little buildings nestled into the rocks below the trees. 

Once Madam realised the size of the forest we would be adventuring in she thought supplies were in order so pots of tea and cakes all round were the best possible preparation! 

I managed to not help madam devour the above chocolate, choux pastry and cream delight instead shared a bakewell tart (That was no where near as photogenic as the above pastry goodness) with Him in Doors.
Once the tea pots were empty we were off looking at pine cones, playing with branches and marvelling at all the different moss colours.

This time of year the grounds are bleak but still beautiful in a very stark way.

 The thatched roof boat house was fun to have a run around on our way to the labyrinth.

And then a spot more tea with some cherries to snack on

I loved the entrance to the labyrinth.

Our guide was the strong silent type! 

I will say I have never seen mud like it! Given the weather we have had I am not surprised but be warned if you head into the labyrinth at Cragside I nearly lost a boot more than once to the muddy walkways! 
We made it to the centre and called tag then turned round without a clue how to get back to the start :D 

If I had been left to my own devices there is a fair chance I'd still be wandering around the trying to find the exit!  Thankfully Him in Doors has a much better sense of direction than I do so we all made it out in one piece!
I can't wait to go back to Cragside in the summer when all of the flowers are in bloom and we can enjoy the formal gardens too. 

I hope you enjoyed the little excursion as much as we did! 


  1. Beautiful photos! The forrest looks so amazing almost like an enchanted forest. Lovely.

  2. it looks amazing, thanks for bringing us with you


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