Monday, 14 April 2014

Quilt blocks and a winner!

Hexies, farmers wives and their ponies, bee blocks just a little part of my busyness this Easter holidays :) 

I will admit to having some doozies with the pony club, Y seams and I need to get reacquainted and back on speaking terms soon! 

Our fall out came about thanks to this block - Cowboys Star 

I am paper piecing my way through the book and for sanities sake I've blown the blocks up to 10.5" because if I'm being super honest, while I love the look of many tiny patterns-I hate sewing fiddly small blocks en masse. 1 or two aren't a bother but ask me to sew up 90 or so and I might be sick.

We started off well and I managed 1 quadrant without too any referrals to youtube tutorials.

Then this happened. 

Thankfully I had my seam ripper handy and managed to unpick and resew without the fabric folds.

Then just as I thought I was home free...

I have bott all idea even how this happened as when I've checked my points on the back it all looks to be spot on. So this block is now sitting in the corner waiting for me to get my sewjo back in gear and work out what on Earth went wrong with it.

The other thing I have managed to do this morning was pick a winner for my little giveaway Sorry if you've been waiting a whole week  while for this! 
1-6 comments gave me a fun dice roll on :D

The winner is comment number 6, congratulations jednoiglec! I will email you and we can put together a fab crochet edged pillowcase for you! 

Hope everyones easter week is a good one and you get loads os sewing time to play! 


  1. Your FW/PC blocks are gorgeous! Hope you can work out what went wrong with the last one...

  2. Thank you so much! You've made my day:) I can't wait to see your wonderful pillowcase:)

  3. Congrats to the winner, boo to the misbehaving block! Hope it behaves next time !


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