Wednesday, 20 August 2014

* Wordless-ish Wednesday * A catch up from the last couple of weeks.

45p bargain bucket flowers, made me rather happy every time I walked passed them.

Organised chaos, so many single girl arcs!

2 finished of the finished blocks

My "helper" sitting on the quilt as it comes out from under the sewing machine.

A cat tail, a crochet wip & a finished feather quilt. At 90" long we are still working out how to photograph the quilt properly!

A happy hexagon patchwork quilt all done and dusted :) 

Fabric pull for a story quilt. 


  1. Oooh, pretty! Some lovely stuff happening there!

  2. Lovely blog, gorgeous pics, gorgeous quilts. We met in Ikea a few weeks back, I was buying fabric for an emergency draw curtain! I thought I'd look you up and check out your hexagons!!!! xxx

  3. I love it all from the flowers to the fabric pull, you are working of lots if wonderful things! It's good you've got a helper.


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