Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I've been AWOL again!

Hello Gang!
Sorry I've been MIA for a while (Again!) if I'm being honest and without any over share I've been having a few problems with the new tenant downstairs from me and it's been keeping me rather busy!
My WIP list is still as long as ever, but what the heck I've got a life time to work through them :)

One thing I did have the joy of making last week was a baby quilt, got to love baby quilts! The family down the street brought home their new baby boy from the hospital, so whats a girl to do but whip up a quilt for them. This is my first real go at free motion quilting on a quilt that wasn't staying with me so I kept it simple with one big zig-zag all of the way up the quilt then echoed it out towards the sides.

From memory the quilt is 33"x33" so should do fine in a stroller once the family are out and about with the little one.

Sorry about the picture quality - for it being the longest day of the year up here we've seen hardly any sun for the last three weeks!

Anyway hope your all having fun and I'll post again soon (Hopefully with another finished quilt!)

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