Tuesday, 7 June 2011

More things I've forgotten to post about :)

My guy made these lovely decoupage letters to brighten up my room this weekend, I love them!

I had an empty spot on the sitting room wall and it's been bugging me for ages. I decided to use the last of my dogwood in aqua to recover an old frame print and popped it on the wall to brighten the place up.

This morning I made this wipe clean notice board - If Issabella hadn't been "helping" me it would have taken 10 minutes to put together as she was helping it took more like half an hour! 
Just a very cheap clip frame with Spring Street fabric behind the glass and a sharpie attached, because I can never find a pen. Here's the back - 
I basting sprayed the fabric to the back board then stapled the corners and popped the clips around the frame, really straight forward.

Another scrap busting effort, I promis I do have actual fabric not just scraps and I will prove it in a moment lol I sanded down the table and quickly gave it a coat of primer, let that dry and then PVA glued fabric all over it. I waited an age for it to dry, got impatient and used a hair dryer (Not a good idea, heat + pva glue = STINK!!!) then varnished it with a satin finish varnish.
The next decoupage challenge is the bookcase I keep my fabric on!

This little lot made it's way here from across the pond a while ago and I've been wondering what to make with them (See told you I have real fabric :) ) I'm thinking a mitred boxes quilt maybe in order soon.

Now this is where I need your help. On sunday I popped over to see my Nana (Grandmother to anyone thats not familiar with the term Nana) Now this little old lady rocks, she is the one that taught me to sew many many years ago and then topped the teaching me not so long ago by gifting me her sewing machine a Janome memory craft 7000. I love this machine and all of my sewing gets done on it! While we were over she asked me if I would like a chair (Random but thats family for you!) She had recovered it a good few years back but with a change in decor and her little dog using it as a perch to look out of the window it's looking a little worse for where. So it's now sitting in my flat looking a bit lost and needing to be recovered again :)
I have never recovered anything in my life, so if anyone has any tips to share or tutorials that you found to work please please let me know. Anyway heres a photo so you can see what I'm talking about - 
I love the shape and I love that it reminds me of family.

After a trip to see my Nana we wandered over to Hobbycraft and I picked up these books

For anyone in the Sew Modern Bee yup I gave in to the pin cushion love and bought seams to me by Anna Maria Horner. I'm thinking about enlarging the patterns in Zombie felties and making them in fabric instead, as I get annoyed with felt but these guys were to horribly cute to pass up!

Well thats me done for now, hope you have a great week and manage to squeeze lots of sewing in there somehow.


  1. Love that little table! So cute! And sorry, I have no ideas for the chair. I haven't done any chair re-covering other than just the seat portion.

  2. I had fun making the table :) I'm thinking maybe some cute sweet tins would look great done up like this.


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