Monday, 6 June 2011

What I've been doing in my spare time this week

Take one big pile of scraps

Cut them into 1.5" squares

Iron them to death on light weight fusible 

Trim it down and basting sprayed them to bigger scraps of batting

Faux satin stitched (really really tight zig zag stitch) along all of the intersections

Discovered when drinking a glass of wine one does not sew in a very straight line reliably 

Found a big jar to keep the rest of them in until a later date (once the wine was gone!)

Hopefully these will turn into a wall hanging sometime soon :)


  1. Ohhh this is lovely. Good job missy. What a lovely to-be wall hanging. I adore the jar. I might need some wine now.

  2. :) It's been fun making it - Not so sure about the putting the blocks together though lol
    The jar is from Ikea and the wine was from...actually I can't remember where! I think it was south african, it was distinctly red and rather strong!

  3. As Jack Sparrow would say 'But, Why is all the wine gone?'
    Excellent idea. Not sure I want to work with itty bitty squares!

  4. Hahaha not sure I'll ever try it again to be honest! I'll save you ladies some wine next time :)

  5. What lovely colors, fabulous:)))


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