Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Nothing to do with quilting

Ok so this has bothered me since Saturday night
What the heck is going on with River Song? ok so you ladies may well have worked out I'm a Doctor Who fan :) I may possibly have a slight...ok huge crush on the current Doctor but it has taken 3 days of trying to work out what on Earth is going on and failing miserably so I thought I'd shout out here and see if you have any thoughts?

Did they, didn't they?
Does Amy ever get to see her daughter grow up?
Didn't River die in the "silence in the library" episode with the lovely David Tennant looking on.
What was with the eye patch at the end of Saturdays episode?

And I'm not even touching on how do they get around killing the Doctor for the 13 time!

I will be back soon with finished quilt pictures :)


  1. I have zero clue what you are talking about. Must be the last show we haven't imported yet ;-) Sorry I cant help!

  2. Do you really want a spoiler? Check out this quilt pattern.


  3. My son would say, "They all die in the end, Mom."

  4. I'm going to venture a guess, this sounds like a soap opera just the British version.....
    They did, and it is on tape, and the nemesis will end up with the tape in about 3 episodes. Amy's baby has been spirited away to a convent and will return in 2 years, having magically aged to 20 and is about to marry the priest she turned, only he is her father, but neither know and now Amy has to tell her husband that she had an affair with the priest.

    Did I help?

  5. This made me laugh Out Loud! Just last night the Mr. and I were watching an American sitcom (Community) and they referenced that Dr. Who is THE LONGEST RUNNING TV SHOW EVER. So when I read this, and the 13 times they've written around Dr. Who dying I had to laugh out loud. Oh, you Brits!

  6. I LOVE Dr Who. I'm a David Tennant fan. Rarrr! It took me the ENTIRE first season to like Matt Smith. I still am not swooned by him but he is the doctor! :)

    I don't even guess what's happening. I just go with it all :)

    Oh I ♥ love we have yet another thing in common!

  7. My sister started watching Doctor Who recently. I've never seen it. I think I may have it on netflix.. might have to check it out someday.


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