Monday, 3 October 2011

I Finished something!

So these Wonky 1/4 log cabins are for bee hive 19 of the 3x6 bee on flickr, I hope the ladies in my hive like them.

I'm hoping to get my blocks for hive 17 finished this week, I ran out of white can you believe it! If any of you lovely people know of an online UK fabric store could you please share the love? I get most of my fabric from hawthorne threads they have a fabulous range of modern prints and great customer service however they are across the pond so shipping takes a while.

These next blocks are for Kristy at 107 quilts for the Sew Modern Bee.

I think this will look awesome once it's put together!

Lastly unfortunately the binding fairies didn't come a visiting while I was at work so I had to bite the bullet and bind the Sanctuary quilt myself lol
The pattern is by Pat Bravo and is free from her site. We changed up the prints quite a bit to go with ones Him in doors prefers and I now think he has a rather good eye for colour! This is a monster quilt and it's been raining on and off all day so sorry for the indoor cramped and cropped pics.

Yes Issabella was hiding under the quilt while I was taking photo's!

Please excuse the DVD's and junk! If I had cropped any more of this picture you wouldn't have seen the quilt :)
I honestly think I've sewed more this weekend than in the whole of September. This quilt will go to live with Him in doors next weekend and I think I'll miss it, it's lived with me in it's UFO state since May!

On none sewing news this Wednesday I get to go to the dental hospital for an extraction (Horrid wisdom teeth!) If anyone has any tips for aftercare please feel free to let me know!

Hope you all have a great week and get loads of time for sewing :)


  1. I'm so jelly you are sewing up a storm! Looks amazing as always! Good luck with the teeth. Maybe line up some easy food for the next 4-5 days just in case you feel icky.

  2. Your quilt is sooooooooo beautiful!

    I had a wisdom tooth extraction and I took paracetamol and ate really carefully for a couple of days and it was all so simple and painless I couldn't believe it. Hopefully you'll find the same :)

  3. I love the first block with the black & white swirls!!!!

  4. I hate when I run out of white! We need bolts of that stuff.

    Good luck with your appointment, sweetie - I know you will be fine, pain pills!

  5. I like your wonky 1/4 log cabin blocks! I really like your color choices. :) I've thought about joining a bee but I'm kinda scared. Like what fabric do I use? I don't have much of a stash as I just buy what I need for projects.

  6. Your wonky log cabin blocks are amazing. Love your colour choices.Also love the 107 quilts blocks. Beautiful work. Hope you have a quick recovery from your extraction!

  7. Well the blocks are awesome. Your right, I would love to see that 2nd set all put together. How cool? But that quilt is stunning! I didn't even notice the DVDs until you pointed them out!


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