Sunday, 9 October 2011

One Green quilt and a lot of Bee blocks

Firstly can I just say thank you all for the lovely comments and emails about my dental appointment, you ladies are super sweet and thankfully the extraction went without a hitch. I had Wednesday evening and Thursday on the sofa (It was great!) eating ice-cream (also great!) watching trashy crime drama's on TV (wondering if I have any other teeth needing pulled!) 
Right onto sewing :)

All of these lovelies are for the ladies in Hive 17 of the 3x6 bee. We are meant to send in blocks 12.5" but I think I'll leave these at 13" so their owners can trim them down to size (Yes I'm crap at squaring up) I had a blast making them, the tutorial I used is fab and funny - this woman makes quilts like I do -  for FUN! and can be found here Badskirt's Japanese x and + tutorial  These girlies are addictive to make :)
I'm thinking about making a full quilt with these blocks, but without the sashing, at some point after Christmas and was wondering if any of you ladies fancy a block swap around Jan/Feb next year (good grief it's "next year" in 2.5 month!) Just checking interest right now though as I think most people, me included, have a load of sewing to do between now and Christmas.

So since my last blog post I've made a lap quilt :) I don't know what happened but I've been looking at the palette inspired quilts popping up in blogland and frankly wanted some of that colour action! I didn't however look for a palette online, my inspiration was the way peoples gardens are looking right now in suburbia. Some are still grassy green, others look like winter is in full force and all sorts in-between so with that mental image in mind I went forth to the fabric stash and started pulling colour combos out like a mad woman (I blame the pain meds I'm taking for my tooth!) This little quilt still hasn't got a name, it's being referred to as the green quilt because I can't think of anything better (Don't ask how I came up with my daughters name!) If inspiration hits you over the head with a name for it please do share :)

I know it's not even that green!

The backing has a story attached, as all good backing should, I was given a humongus roll of...erm gosh I don't know how to describe it now I'm typing *Blush* it's like very light weight wadding, the type you get in jackets, and it's pre-quilted with diamonds. So it's the wadding and backing in one and I was worried how the back was going to look once I'd quilted it, so I tool a picture of it to get your thoughts - 

The squares are the quilting I've done and the diamonds were already there. I'm not sure how I'll use this in future, you may well be seeing a lot more of it as I have a rather large roll of it and its 110" wide so a great size.
I think for future quilts I'll use it and still have a cotton backing over it...Hmm something to think on.

Well hope you all have a great week coming up and loads of fun things planned :)


  1. Love the way you combine colour :)

  2. Fun blocks - better too big than too small!

  3. Post your FMQ with fluffy sheep anyway, we all want a look!

    Intrigued with your silver backing!

  4. Your blocks are beautiful. They each look like a tiny bit of art ready for the gallery.

    You "Green" quilt is a perfect depiction of that in between season. It is the end of summer, and not quite fall. It looks an awful lot like the neighborhood I live in....especially today when it is rainy and wet out. It is the time of year when Mother Nature says "Give me a minute, I'm working on something truly wonderful."

    Your backing looks a bit like insulation. The quilting looks great. A thought to consider....if you put a cotton layer on top of it you will still see the diamond quilting. That is not bad, just a probability.

  5. Love your use of colour in your blocks! Missed your post about the dentist (probably a good thing as I'm petrified of them!) but am glad to hear that you're recovering!

  6. Love the bee blocks--can't wait to see mine in person! Thanks so much!

  7. I'm so jelly about your blocks! I adore them!

    I like the wadding and looks great with the quilting.


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