Saturday, 22 October 2011

Again with the sofa rest

Hi gang
Hope you are all sewing it up like mad things ready for halloween and Christmas :)
Unfortunately I'm laid up on the sofa again this time it's a bit more full on though. I've had what I thought was flu for nearly 2 weeks now but woke up yesterday with a real shortness of breath and pain in my chest "oh bugger" thinks I and duly head off to see the doc! After a 50 min consultation (on the NHS this is nigh on unheard of!) I left with enough antibiotics to heal a third world country and a diagnosis of pneumonia, needless to say it has somewhat curtailed my weekend plans!
I have a few quilt/quilt tops finished up and some embroidery done to blog about but I think I'm putting new projects on hold for now as I'm feeling a wee bit rough around the edges.
Another blogger that could probably use some love right now is Jenna from sewhappygeek who is recovering from an op on her arm poor thing.
I'll try to get some pics up over the weekend of the pretties I've been making.

Keep well and warm!


  1. Oh.. how frustrating. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Get all the rest you can get and feel better soon. Big virtuel hug (I think my BIL is scared of my strong hugs. He always needs to point out that I give big hugs, but I hate weak hugs!) for you (that one doesnt hurt ;-)

  3. Ack! Get better soon!

  4. Get better soon and DON'T DO TOO MUCH!!! I hope you feel better soon, take care xx

  5. Been there, done that, twice. Be patient with yourself. It takes a while to get over.

  6. Oh sweetie. . I've been thinking of you! I hope that you get better! I totally was there with you this last month! Oh and I still have a cough. Le'sigh! I'm on steroids until at least January - weeee.

    Well check my blog in a few hours. .you'll see some blocks I'll be sending you this next week! I got your blocks finally finished done today. You know only 2 months late ;)

  7. Ooo! I've had it and it's not fun! Get well soon!

  8. GET BETTER. That is an ORDER! There is so much pneumonia going around in the States this year...what the heck??? My husband had three students who had pneumonia along with their children...and had to be hospitalized! So please take care of yourself. I will be thinking of you!!!

  9. Feel better soon, sweetie! I've been wondering where you were, pretend you are taking care of someone else, and do that for yourself.


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