Thursday, 24 November 2011

Japanese block swap and a mission!

Hi gang and Happy Thanks giving to you guys in the US :D
Just a quick join in with the thankfulness here
1) I'm thankful Madam is growing up into such a thoughtful sweet mini person, she's a tween-too old for toys and too young for boys as they say, but the signs are there that she will be the person you want your teenage daughter to be friends with, she's calm but laughs a lot, she thinks of others but knows when someone is trying to take advantage of her, in short she is a good girl and that makes me happy.
2)I'm thankful for him in doors. This man will help me cut fabric for quilts, hide behind plastic rocks so I can get photos of them then help me get a super dooper beast of a sewing machine because he knows I love sewing. He laughs at my utterly crap jokes in the middle of the night and still hasn't killed me for jumping out at him screaming "Booo" as he comes out of the bathroom (I do this regularly then have to scrape him off the ceiling and assure him he's not having a heart attack!) He puts up with my awful didgeridoo playing and getting soaked in impromptu kitchen water fights. People this man is outstanding and I'm thankful he's in my life.
3) The furbaby Issabella, who runs the house with a paw of steel! (Who seems to have developed a crush on Mac from CSI....funny, I prefer Flack)

So anyhow on with my (now not so short post)

Japanese x and + block swap

After some questions about the block swap I thought I'd better post some answers here.
I was asked about fabric types, I think modern is the way to go as after a look see on peoples blogs over the last 9 month I think thats going to be easiest for us all. So I'm cautiously ruling out batiks and calico.

Are we sending blocks or fabric scraps? Blocks, we all know how fun it is getting them in the mail!

How many blocks? I'll put out a sign up sheet closer to the time and people can note down how many they are planning on making, I'm thinking multiples of 5 makes it easier. These blocks are really fun and once the cutting is done, fast to make. The more we have to swap the better results for everyone so tell anyone who'll listen to join in and we'll all have much more variety coming back to us :)

With that in mind how about a little competition for the most blocks sent in? I have just acquired A LOT of 61" wide tartan backing (Once people know you quilt you end up with all sorts!) of which I'll happily put up 5 meters (and have a dig through my stash) for the person that sends in the most blocks. Yes I will post a photo of the backing fabric once the sun bothers to wake up :)

Onto my mission for today.

I am aiming to get a lap quilt started and finished in one morning, really simple pattern just a charm square picnic quilt but after the fairytale forest quilt I need something simple and quick to get back into the grove!
So expect a post with pictures at some point today :D

Hope you all have a fab day and remember it's nearly the weekend!


  1. Happy quilting! I'd love to enter and 'most blocks' contest, but I will need to be honest and say it's unlikely I can compete, I just have TOO MUCH ON! (I felt I needed those capitals for myself as well as you BTW ;o) ) And anyway, I'm in Scotland, I can see tartan all the time :oD

  2. I love your 'three things for which I'm thankful' - thanks for sharing!

  3. It so funny, I was just telling somebody today that I wanted to join a bee. It would be a new years resolution haha. I have always wanted to do one, but a little scared to do it. Funny thing part two: I was looking at this exact tutorial on her blog and thought what a cool block, I want to try that. Huh coincidence I think not.

  4. Is this swap for one month only, or is it ongoing?


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