Monday, 21 November 2011

Japanese x and + blocks

Hi gang!
I've been thinking and brewing ideas, this one has been percolating for a while now. Would you ladies be interested in a Japanese x and + block swap in January?
I was hunting through Flickr for inspiration a while back and came across this x and + block quilt along group and knew I wanted to make a load of these blocks - they are just so scrappy and fun. I hunted back through the discussions threads and found this tutorial by Amy of badskirt fame so I made up some for the 3x6 swap and had a blast with them!

Since then I've been doing this with my scraps

Cutting them up ready and popping them in zip-locks all ready to go when I want them :) (Hope they don't suffocate!)

So if your interested in joining in, and I really hope you are because if you're not I'm swapping on my own and thats really tragically sad, you're looking at saving scraps around 3.5" square and 2" strips.
They come together beautifully to create these

If there is enough interest I will merrily try to figure my way around starting a flickr group, but it's doubtful there will ever be a button for your blog as HTML scares the crap out of me and I always think I'll blow the internet up when adding someones button to my own blog.
Onto the details. This post is really just asking for a show of hands to see who is interested, feel free to let you friends, family, dogs and cats know too ( opposable thumbs are optional)
The start date I have in mind is the 7th of january, this should give us time to get Christmas done and dusted (or in my case get someone to wheel my over fed self to a sewing machine) also allowing us time to sort through our scrap bins, hunt down the stray jelly roll piece that somehow didn't make it into a quilt with it's brothers and sisters, find a stray charm square that you swore you had put. just. there.
Then 6 weeks later one the 18th of Feb we're done and post them out. I'm thinking if everyone posts to me I'm happy to do the jiggery pokery and make sure everyone gets the amount they sent me sent back out to them from other peoples blocks. If your in the UK like me just throw in a sae with your blocks, if your international you can either paypal the postage costs for the blocks to come home to you or throw an extra block in the pack whatever works for you.
So any thoughts, questions, comments? Feel free to shout them out in the comments. Hope you want to play :D


  1. i'm in - it's on my list of quilts to make

  2. Well theoretically I'm up for this, as I love the design, but do you have particular fabrics etc in mind for this, and are we sending blocks or scraps, and how many blocks? (See now, aren't you glad you asked me to play, I always come up with awkward questions ;o) )

  3. I'd love to join, if posting to Canada doesn't present a problem - let me know! :)


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