Thursday, 26 January 2012

Crushing on voile

I finished project voile, no matter how you pronounce it this stuff is gorgeous! Its super soft and sews like a dream...I may have a new addiction coming on.
I love this quilt that much I had to take it out for a walk to the park (Don't you all do that?) I just happened to have my camera with me so I took some photo's to share.
Obviously I had to introduce it to the plastic rock.

It then wanted an all out photo didn't get one due to the funny looks I was getting from people with small children who happened to be playing in the park. It did however get thrown to the grass and slightly flipped so you lovely people could have a look at the backing 

Please ignore the lamp post shadow, I was taking quick photo's  and trying not to look too nuts in front of a park full of kids and their mums! 

I have hoarded that piece of Liberty for ever, but decided to give in and use it as backing on this quilt, sods law it was 8" too short so I had to do a pieced backing. Never mind though I still love how its turned out :)

I did have a stowaway, this little wall hanging wanted a taste of fresh air today and as I haven't shown you all when happened to the Anna Maria Horner embroidery I did a while back I figured why not

I did remember to put a hanging doodad on the back of this one so it can hang up... hence "wall hanging" and not "crumpled mess on the floor"

The backing is super bright, it's an Amy butler print but I can't remember the name sorry!

Hope you've enjoyed a quilty walk in the park!
I do have more projects ready to blog but my camera is taking an age uploading the photo's so I'm going with the flow and going to write about those once's later :)

Hope your all having fun and looking forward to the weekend!


  1. You're certainly braver than me but those two quilts were worth the funny looks!

  2. Love the quilt on the plastic rock photo, well worth the funny looks...they were probably wondering where you got such a wonderful 'blanket'!

  3. Archie thought just my thoughts. Those poor mommies now have to explain "where's mine?"

  4. ooh, gorgeous quilt - lucious colours

  5. So pretty! I want to make a voile skirt. I think it'd be perfect for spring.

  6. Oh that voile quilt looks so soft, and love its companions too

  7. These are both gorgeous!! Your should have told the mummies you were a designer for Liberty!

  8. I always thought voile was a very finy and thinly woven fabric that could easily tear. But I suppose I'm wrong if you can make a quilt with it.
    It's lovely and the colours are stunning!
    I can easily believe you've fallen in love with it.

  9. That Amy Butler is one of my faves! xxoo Patty

  10. Ooooh! It's gorgeous. I love voile!

  11. Beautiful! I have yet to see any of this voile stuff in person, but I believe you that it's lucious and great to sew with. I wouldn't fret too much about onlookers' judgement at the park, they surely understand you're just trying to capture a masterpiece on camera! I haul my stuff out to my front yard sometimes and I live on a really busy street, so I'm always laughing in my head as I imagine what passing motorists must be thinking, lol.

  12. I love your voile cushion - just sumptuous! Your wall hangings look great as well :)


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