Friday, 27 January 2012

Looking for an out of print book

Hi there everyone!
I'm wondering if anyone can help me hunt down a book, or if you haven't heard about it I'm about to start a stampede of other quilters looking for it :D The name is Patchwork patterns 318 OR 318 patchwork patterns by Kumiko Fujita (The name of the book varies depending on where you're looking) Its out of print and in japanese and I've had no luck at all tracing a copy for sale :( So if any of you ladies know of one I would be super grateful if you fancy pointing me in its direction even if it's battered/dog eared with scribbles in! I have cold hard cash and a fabric stash waiting to buy bribe or barter to get my hot little mitts on this :)


  1. Please excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor again (after falling off the seat laughing...) good luck! :oD

  2. Been hunting for this one for months...

  3. Sorry, I can't help but have you thought of asking in your local (independent) book shop - mine will try to get hold of out of print books for you through their order service. I could give you their number if you like as they also post out orders...

  4. I think this is the book we're all looking for!!!

  5. You have ofcourse:

    Have you also been to libraries?
    You can borrough from any library in the world, did you know that?
    You have to pay a small amount for searching fees, but that's negligible

  6. Found you from Danny. I found the book on Amazon Japan, a friend of mine who is a former Japanese/English teacher said he could order it for me - I'm checking on the total cost but looks steep (around $100), there are a couple available would you still want one at this price?


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