Monday, 27 February 2012

A book has been found!

But it's not the one I was looking for lol It is however very pretty to look at and I'm enjoying it immensely, even if I do feel like a 4 year old looking at the pictures yet unable to read the writing!
I found it on my etsy travels at PinkNelie People this shop is awesome for japanese craft books and Nelie is also really helpful and lets you know whats happening with your order so you're not left wondering if things have shipped (I hate that feeling!)

The Japanese x and + block swap is drawing to a close with only 3 more packets of blocks due to hit my doormat any day soon, then they'll be muddled up and sent back out on their merry way to their new homes. I am really impressed with the whole lot of them, the fabrics used the stitching everything! Once they are all out and getting muddled I'll try and get some pics to share so you can see what I mean :D

Lastly an apology for my blogging tardiness, as some of you that are in the swap know I have been evicted from the loft/my crafty space for the last week or so by a giant mama wasp who seemed to be looking for a new nest site! Well we've told her to bugger off the rent is too high for her here and she has gone else where to raise her mean and angry brood!  So I will have some finishes to show you over the next few days :) Also I'll have a little announcement to make soon, nope not preggers or doing a book lol So stay tuned to find out whats happening in my fluffy little world :)

Have a great week!


  1. Looks like a great book - have fun looking at the pictures (they're usually the best bits in a quilting book!). Good luck with sorting out all the blocks...and I hope word's got out in the wasp community that your loft is not a good place to visit!

  2. The wasp was hopeing to be invited to a bee.

  3. Ooh, looks like a fun book, enjoy! Glad you were able to serve an eviction notice to her majesty too...

  4. Cheeky wasp, glad she got the message! As long as the book has a few diagrams too who needs words?


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