Friday, 2 March 2012

News from my fluffy world and 2 finished quilts!

So I've been busy again :)

Playing with picture frame blocks and turning them into a squishy soft baby quilt. I had a load of tartan wool that I've used for the backing on this one-but I forgot to get photo's lol Its had it's first wash and it has crinkled up fabulously. All of those straight lines brought out the wonky fiend in me so it has wonky quilting to satisfy my urge to create chaos Mwhaha! 

Did I mention my addiction to voile before? Ok well I admit it here on the internet in front of you all. I have an addiction to voile! It is soooo soft and cool against skin, drapes beautifully and isn't the p.i.t.a. to sew that people think it is. So with all of that in mind I made another voile quilt-

 & heres a close up :)

For the back I used the last of my liberty and stripes of Anna Maria Horner as, again, I was a little sort on Liberty for the backing.

So coming clean here with my little update and my little bit of news I have set up a shop on Etsy ( you may have noticed I made an effort with the photos lol) You can pop over and have a look 
I am really excited and hope you like what you see :) As time goes on I will be adding a section for my digital photography, just waiting for my test prints to come back (For the 3rd time!) and maybe some Blythe doll goodies too. I would love any feedback you would like to share so feel free to leave a comment :)

So for the reasoning behind setting up shop...If you read regularly you'll know I moved house just before Christmas and now have a whole loft to sew in (Now that the wasp is evicted!) so lots of space & now lots of time as my work/life balance has swung full way towards life (I won't bore you with the details) 

After the last craft market I did in December I promised myself I will no longer worry about ending up with hypothermia whilst trying to sell my crafts and put the markets on hold until the weather turns...well as warm as it gets in Northern England! So an online venue was needed and Etsy filled the criteria, so  there I am :D

Pop over and have a look & if you like what you see tell everyone you know lol (Etsy stats are more addictive to look at than even Blogger stats!) 

Hope you have a great weekend planned and manage to fit some sewing time in :)


  1. Congrats on your change in life; wish you lots of success, but most of all fun!

  2. Great job on both of them, good luck with the new shop :o)

  3. The quilts are wonderful - good luck with the Etsy shop!!

  4. Congratulations on opening your shop! The quilts are fabulous!

  5. The shop is looking great, I especially like the geometric quilt, I'm going to Pinterest it

  6. Hey there, good to hear from you and congratulations on your decisions! I am undergoing the same process right now, but I need a bit more time and will blog about this later.
    I wish you all the best!


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