Friday, 9 March 2012

Under invasion! (And a quilt top)

So how many of you lovely ladies have had to endure your sons playing War hammer? ok so how about how many of you have watched as slowly your other half came down with the fever? Make no mistake it is an illness, 2 nights ago I awoke to him indoors stumbling around the bedroom at 2am telling me he was looking for "Space wolves" yes he was sound asleep! ( And will kill me for telling you all :D) Once ridding the sewing room of the Mama Wasp I did think I'd be free to sew away till my heart was mistaken was I...Well you may remember for previous posts that this desk was no where to be seen in my sewing room...

I know Lizzy, Him in door's mum will be killing herself laughing at this! 
I suppose on the bright side of things next time a wasp gets in there are whole armies up there to take it out :) and yes him in doors lives in that hat.

Anyway that was partly to explain why the next pics you will see are in the sitting room and not the sewing room...we had no room!

The x and + blocks are finally all swapped over and ready to post back out tomorrow! This is a shot of all of them ready to sort...

And this is all of the beautiful blocks laid out ready to swap around, great fun by the way, I must have made over 50 quilts in my head looking at them all. You ladies are really talented!

So they shall all be on their way to new homes on Saturday and I can't wait to see what you all make with them.

Lastly I accidentally made a quilt, I'm joining in with The New York Beauty quilt along on Flickr, as a side note I'd love to add a button but aint got a clue how so rather than blowing up the interwebs trying I'll just pop the link there instead :D So yes quilt top as I was saying... I made New York Beauty Bock 0 in a Mahoooosive size, well thats what happens when you print these buggers out on A3 rather than A4! Once I had made the 4 quarters I quickly realised that if I kept going at this size I would have a floor quilt bigger than our bedroom so I made an "executive decision" and turned it into a baby quilt

The Mahooosive block at 23" x23"

Is now a baby quilt top at 32"x32"

It seems I have put my wadding in "a safe place" yes it's now so safe I can't find it, so this top will stay a top until I get to my LQS Just quilting and pick some more up. You know what will happen then don't you? The wadding in the "Safe place" will jump out at me...hayho such is life!

These blocks are really fun to make, I am a paper piecing idiot and even I enjoyed making them.

Hope you have a fun weekend planned :)


  1. I still love your accidental quilt story lol

  2. And here I thought my life sucks... :-)

  3. Thank goodness my husband keeps all this pretend to video games! Keeps things clean and organized!

  4. Great baby quilt, shame about the sewing, or rather "hobby" room!!!!

  5. gorgeous baby quilt - how special - a big ny beauty!


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