Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy mothers day!

So after 26 years of pure frustration & occasionally tears (when my age was in single numbers!) I have finally figured out how to tie knots in yarn with 2 sticks and gosh darn it I'm rather stinkingly proud of myself :D My dearest mum has been trying to teach me to knit since I was 5, 26 years later for Mothers Day she finally got her scarf!
Now I don't know the knitting lingo but it was like knitting rope with broomsticks! I used UK sized 10 needles with Sirdar Bohemia yarn and it came out like this

And a crumpled up shot so you can see the pretty colours :D

If anyone has any basic beginner patterns that you think I could wrap my brain around please do share as I really enjoyed making this little scarf. Oh and my mum loved it...well she said she did lol

Hope you all had a great mothers day, I know I did! 


  1. Heh, glad you finally mastered it for her!

  2. Good for you!!! Love the colors of the yarn!

  3. Nice job and the colours are wonderful!

  4. Oh well done! I love the description, I'm 48 and still haven't got the hang of it unless mother-in-law sits with me for *every* stitch! I can see how the wool would be an inspiration though!!

  5. Beautiful coloured scarf!
    Did you know there is a book on knitting called:
    Knitting for Dummies?
    It's in my bookshelf and occaisionally I have a look at it LOL

  6. Yeah, well done!! Love the new look blog!

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