Sunday, 8 April 2012

Scrap pack quilt and Blythe hats

This quilt was bought as a scrap pack ages ago, so long ago in fact that I had to go back to Just quilting and ask Carol what the fabrics were so I could get some more to make a "Grown up" version. This one is 28"x35" more of a baby sized quilt :)

I straight line quilted the heck out of it.

And because the front came from a scrap pack I felt the back should be up cycled fabric too :) This linen dot fabric is also the sashing in my Fairytale forest quilt

I've been making other bits too, some cushions with a little hand quilting (Note to self I need a good thimble!)

Both are envelope backed as I just don't do zippers unless my arm is totally up my back and you're bribing me with wine and ice-cream.

I also got some Blythe outfits stitched up (I know get me and my speedy ways, it's only taken a month or so lol)
This little one has already sold from the shop! I will admit to first sale giddiness :D

If you fancy having a look in my little Etsy shop here it is - Yes right here!
At some point I WILL work out those button things and add one somewhere on my newly decorated blog :) Oh yeah! Do you like it? There is a drop down menu so you can change the layout yourself on the upper left (I think lol) if you prefer reading in another format.
The decorating took place as I was coming up to a year of blogging...well thats past and I forgot to blog it lol so my blog is now 1 and a bit :) I'm thinking up a celebratory thing to do, but you all know me quite well so the blog might be 2 by the time I get around to posting anything lol 

Hope your Easter weekend is a good one for you! 


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  2. Honestly, you've just had me wasting half amnhour plying with the different layouts - wht will blogger think of next? Isn't it fab when you sell something - I sell machine embroidery designs - only $2 each, but I still get excited when one sells on ETSY!

  3. All the way to Newcastle again... did you wave at The Angel for me?
    I was almost getting worried you might be snowed in, but you're not and still working on quilts and selling stuff in your shop. Great!

  4. I love your scrap pack quilt and those hats are really pretty :)


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