Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Echino Zebra wholecloth finish!

Try saying that title 3 times fast! 

So how many people are/will be using this Echino Zebra print fabric for wholecloth quilts? 
I'm one of 'em! 
Lets be honest here it's too fabulous not to :) 

I love the fabric these are printed on, the linen blend has just the right amount of texture and will get softer and softer with more washes. 

I followed the pattern for the quilting and used Ikea Numbers print for the backing, I do love this fabric. 

Him in doors dutifully helping me take quilt photos on a chilly winters day at the beach :) 

This next quilt was finished erm....over a year ago! I came across it in a tote that I use for taking things to the market (Yeah the last market I did was months and months ago!)
I totally forgot to blog it so it was dragged out to the beach with the Echino and photographed. I also found a few Christmas quilts in the tote! (Note to self - Dare to go in the under-stairs cupboard more frequently!) 

I also have 2 WIP's! This first one I feel ok posting about, it's a swap for dolly related things, we sorted out the details at BlytheConUK and this will be going to her daughter for Christmas.

It started off like this 

Aneela Hoey's Bloom pattern and a lot of Cath Kidstone and such inspired fabric.

And right now is sitting like this 

Well almost like, that after some Flickr chatter I decided to remove one of the petals from the outer ring to make it lay down flat. I see a weekend of appliqué in my near future! 

The second WIP is an improv piece that I've been playing with over the last few days.
Some Mellody Miller and some solids, cut here, sew there and end up with this 

I'm currently mulling over how to quilt it!

This piece, once finished, the Echno wholecloth (and the Christmas quilts and decorations!) will all be making their way slowly into my Etsy shop over the next week or so.

Hope you are having a great week and getting plenty of time to sew up a storm! 


  1. That quilt with the blue daisies (?), did you make those? What a great quilt. How could you forget it? I'm sure it was lonely there under the stairs...

  2. @Mary No I didn't make the flowers, wish I had the skills lol The box got forgotten about as it never made it up to the sewing room after the house move last December, not to worry though it wont have been lonely there was loads in there with it lol

  3. Your quilts are so lovely - how can you have forgotten about the second one??

  4. That Echino quilt is amazing! And I love how easy it would be to make. I never thought to just use a whole cut of one fabric like that :) Genuis.


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