Monday, 19 November 2012

The reversible Echino quilt is finished!

I have been on such a rush through to try and get all of my WIP's finished (Even the ones that are still in my head!) by the end of November, so that I can dedicate Decembers sewing time to Christmas gifts, I keep forgetting to blog the "making of" and end up showing a string of finished quilts! I am a lot better at sharing a quick photo here and there so if you follow my Flickr or Instagram feeds you may well have seen a little more of the process.

I'm making quite a few wholecloth quilts at the moment and that is totally down to the fact I can't cut up  all of the beautiful fabrics from Etsuko Furuya's Echino 2012 collection! I know I am a total and utter wimp but I still find it sooo hard to get the rotary blade near them! Heather Ross Far far away 1 and 2 no bother - I can slice and dice away, these not so much! (I fear I maybe a little abnormal at this point!) Anyway moving swiftly on! I backed this one in the last of my favourite backing fabric, a HUGE damask print on a linen blend fabric that is just a touch weightier than the Echino cotton blend. I may have enough left to make a cushion but it's seen the last of its quilt backing days :(  Isn't it funny the shapes we are left with from backing fabric? 

So enough with the prattle here is some eye candy! 

I love how retro this fabric is! 

I used a random brown fabric that I had in my stash for the binding and together with the echino it totally reminds me of brown cord trousers in the 70's...That may just be me though!

Told you that damask print was HUGE :)

Next on the bound and washed list is this little ombre quilt (Hmmm the word Ombre is french, this I know, however it never fails to make me think of Speedy Gonzales) 

Lovely palest pinks to deep dark plums and soooo many quilting lines that I lost count! This quilt has texture to spare. I used a 6oz batting that is super squishy and went to town on it, letting the feed dogs pull the quilt through without too much manipulation from me so it has a wonky but still straight look to the quilting :) 

I used so many of the stitches on my machine to try and get different widths of raised and quilted areas. I think I succeeded pretty well :) 

I have one more quilt to "show and tell" but I'll save that for tonight as I have to run and get lunch going now :D 

Hope you have a great week planned! 


  1. this is really beautiful!

  2. love the damask quilt!! what kind of batting did you use? it looks puffy and comfy.


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