Monday, 19 November 2012

Melody Miller improv quilt

Sometimes the fabrics we love leave us stumped when it comes to actually using them, that was the case with Ruby Star Shining. The panel piece is big bold and beautiful but after the many wholecloth quilts I've been making over the last few weeks I wanted to do some actual patchwork piecing! 

After some faffing about and dithering plus a few swear words thrown into the mix I have made my first improvisational quilt and I have to say I love it! 
In all fairness I did feel it was the only way to work around the graphics in this panel and get my sewing kick at the same time.

The colours came out how I imagined they would, a fab bland of retro and modern and the quilting did as it was told too! It is straight line quilted through both diagonals with one set very close together and the other further apart 

It's been to the beach for photos and because it was a sunny day on Sunday it went to the park too and got its pic taken on my old friend the plastic rock 

I used another Ikea print for the back of the quilt and I think it works really well with the funky retro feel of the top. I really like those birds...I can see another trip to Ikea to get some more of this print :D

This one along with it's friends can be found in my shop if you fancy having a look.

The afternoon school run is beckoning but I have time for a quick cuppa first then I have promised madam an evening in the sewing room once all of her homework is done! 


  1. The Ikea orange with birds, Gunilla. I have a skirt made of it in HomeDec weight. Is yours on quilting weight? I'm very happy that they brought that print back. It was gone for over a year.

  2. It looks fab done like that - I have the same problem with those panels - so pretty, but WTH do you do with them?!


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