Saturday, 16 March 2013

Sewing on a Saturday and Thangles

So I used Thangles for the first time today, I have to say I'm not being paid, bribed or what have you I just thought I'd blog about them as they turned out fairly handy.

I started out with a pile of solids in cool colours and then remembered I don't like working only with solids so threw a print in there too, it's a Pat Bravo one (If anyone would like to know the names of the solids let me know and I'll hunt them down) 

So to use the Big Thangles I needed to pre cut my fabric down to the size on the paper you stitch through.

Then grab a strip and place it diagonally so the lines that indicate corners line up with the honesty here I had spacial awareness issues with this and I have no idea why but Him in doors had a good laugh at some of the issues I was having.

Then they are as simple as following the stitch lines printed on the paper.
Ok so they aren't rocket science but once I'd gotten my head around the orientation issues I was having they did save me a lot of time and I didn't waste anywhere near as much fabric as I normally would making half square triangles.

So a sneak peek at the quilt top I made today before its basted and quilted.
I can honestly say I'll use these again as they are fairly inexpensive and save time :) 
So I've just been emailed and asked where I got mine from and I picked them up at M is for make 


  1. ahhhh is that how you use them. Got these a while back and couldn't understand what I was to do with them...ok will get them out and see what I can do with your quilt and you are right sometimes solids do need a bit if pattern splash with them.

  2. just found your blog and had a thoroughly pleasant time trawling through your your quilts and style

  3. As an Oregonian, wasting paper seems silly. I hate thangles. I don't find it any faster to do half square triangles. But that's me.

    1. I found that the accuracy I achieved when using the Thangles was a lot higher so less wasted fabric but it is swings and roundabouts - it just depends what your more comfortable with :)

  4. I was looking for these just last week. My LQS didn't have any but sold me "Ta-Da" interfacing instead. I am impressed with them - nothing to tear off as the interfacing gets ironed onto the fabric and stays on - it is very thin. It also stablizes the bias edges a bit.

    I'm still on the lookout for Thangles though...want to compare. Thanks for the post...

    The quilt looks GREAT!!!! I so love that spash of interest with the pattern fabric - it's a perfect compliment to your solids...hugs to Issabella xoxo


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