Saturday, 16 March 2013

A second finish in a week

I can happily say I have finished the Laura Gunn quilt too this week, would you like to see? 

It's a big quilt measuring 80" x 64"

and I wont lie it was a little harder to quilt that the lap sized quilts I normally enjoy making.

I ended up going with wide spaced serpentine quilting down the length of the quilt, I toughed it out with the variegated thread and think it has worked out really well.

The blue backing and grey binding help simmer down the riot of bright colours in the quilt top, well I think they do anyway lol

Todays plans involve Thangles (Which my spell check loves by the way) and some more odd shaped solid scraps, wish me luck :) 
 Hope you have a great weekend planned


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