Saturday, 6 April 2013

All in a Thangle!

We finally got this one finished and photographed, it took two tries and frozen fingers but I'm really happy with the outcome :) 

Yes that is the North sea photo-bombing my quilt picture! 

The binding is a pretty rainbow print I picked up in Ikea a while back, I was thinking of sharing a binding tutorial as I've finally found a way that works for me, doesn't involve hand stitching and basically makes the whole thing less arduous but there does seem to be quite a few out there in blogland already so let me know what you think.

Yup Snow on the field in the background, at this point I think it was decided quilts aren't worth frost bitten fingers so we gave in and came home.

I'm pleased I managed a pic of the backing before we totally packed up though as it is the softest, loveliest cotton shirting I've ever felt even if it makes your eyes go funny if you stare at it for too long...go on click the picture and you'll see what I mean when it goes into full does feel delicious though so I will be using it again.

I added this quilt to the shop last night, speaking of which I've taken the Blythe doll dresses out of the shop for now while I work out if I want to open a separate shop for them after some feedback that it was a little confusing having the quilts and doll things together in the same shop. 

well I'm off to the loft to sew now so I hope your having a fun weekend and get everything cleared from your to-do list :) 


  1. gorgeous use of solids!

  2. It's stunning - makes me want to make a solid HST quilt right now!

  3. Chica I was mentally prepping a large HST quilt in my head all week...this just pushed me over the edge. Gorgeous! Would love to hear more about your binding, I still find that I prefer doing it by hand even though it is time consuming. I just hate how it turns out otherwise. Maybe your way fixes my flops at machine binding? ;)

  4. Awesome to have the North Sea take an interest in your quilt photography!


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