Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Quick quilts and bedroom cleaning

Easter weekend involved whipping up some Echino lap quilts to pop in the shop

After we caught the run away quilts we headed home to sort out Madams room, the plan had been to quickly swap her bed out for the new one...however it turns out when a ten year old tells you she has really, honestly, with a cherry on top tidied her bedroom she is not telling you the truth! 
I have taken photos to show family members why my little angel is telling everyone I threatened to put all of her belongings in black bags and take them to the tip but I shall not shame her by putting them on the internet...This time! 

Hope you had a lovely weekend and got away without doing any housework! 


  1. Seriously they are all the same! they have wildly different definitions on the meaning of tidiness! The quilts look amazing.

  2. Oh I remember being there, on my way out to a party my Mum told me that she had left something in my room for me and to put it away now. When I walked in all my stuff that I had left out was on the floor and my bed was upside down on top of it. I did not get to the party. I learned a lesson.

  3. My boys are still like that. I think maybe it just gets to a point where they are overwhelmed by it all.

    Your quilts are lovely.


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